Villore – Senator Suvio Bellaron of the Intaki system, proposed a new bill in the Gallente Federal Senate, today, aimed at abolishing capital punishment at the Federal level and imposing strict guidelines on methods of capital punishment for member state and constituent polity governments, legislatures and courts.

Senator Bellaron's bill comes in the wake of public outrage over the Jin-Mei nation's use of punitive exile, which critics accused of being little more than a prolonged death sentence. The proposed measure closely resembles another bill the Senator proposed in YC111 after the considerable outcry over the public execution of Anvent Eturrer.

In the Senate session, Senator Bellaron echoed activist sentiments: "As a matter of ugly necessity, we must limit the legal protections of those who break the law – that much is not in contention. I ask instead how many freedoms need we sacrifice on the altar of retribution. Some have decreed no right too sacred." To make his point, the Intaki Senator read the names of children evacuated from Lirsautton VI, who were innocent of the crimes of their parents.

Senator Faron Shu, representing Jin-Mei interests on the planet of Chandeille, accused Senator Bellaron of misrepresenting the situation. "The people sent to the cursed planet were not simple pickpockets. These were murderers. They were saboteurs who had committed treason. They were people too dangerous to remain confined in four walls under guard.

"That these criminals decided to perpetuate the pain they brought upon themselves is unfortunate, but it is no grounds for this trespass on the rights of sovereign governments and legislatures. The truth of the matter is that Bellaron is peddling his Intaki anarcho-pacifist ideology yet again and using the pain of the Jin-Mei people as an excuse to do so!"

Senator Faron Shu's reference to Senator Bellaron by family name alone was a breach of the rules of Senate floor etiquette and the chamber descended into chaos at this point. With the hour late and Senators from all sides refusing to come to order, Head of Senate Aulmont Meis adjourned the session for the day.

Semiki, Lonetrek – An intruder with alleged connections to Lai Dai broke into the Semiki IV Zainou Biohazard Containment Facility, and was apprehended by station authorities after accessing and sabotaging several station systems, the Scope has learned.

It is understood that the breach was detected in time to issue a station-wide stop and detain alert to all security forces. Allegedly, one Steine Vailakkel, 45, was apprehended under a false identity by an officer in the Wiyrkomi Peace Corps. Vailakkel is believed to have been attempting to leave the station via a shuttle facility maintained by Wiyrkomi to facilitate transfers of hazardous waste materials from its nearby testing facilities.

Early, unverified reports indicate Vailakkel may have had the assistance of one or more Zainou employees. Investigators from Ishukone Watch are still assessing the extent of the breach and any damage done. Zainou have made a statement that the wide umbrella of targets was likely intended to obfuscate the true objective of the operation. Requests for further comment were refused and questions on the investigation's progress referred to Ishukone Watch, Zainou's security provider.

There are widespread accounts from Semiki IV station residents of malfunctions in artificial gravity, communications, and internal transit. Sources indicate that a routine InterBus transport moving personnel from the Zainou station to a nearby Aliastra warehouse during the incident carried a digital stowaway: a malicious virus designed to target implants.

While the virus went undetected on the Zainou station, Aliastra employees often have brain augments which assist in tasks associated with their jobs, such as translations, team coordination, and mathematics. When the contaminated transport data-synced with the Aliastra warehouse network, the hostile code was spread to integrated staff. Affected individuals report severe migraines, dizziness, nausea, and double vision.

Ikomari-Onu Enforcement's Hageken Ku, a noted information warfare expert, commented, "Malware like this is mostly reported in rumor, as the required resources to develop it are exclusive to nations, megacorporations, and similar large actors. While general consensus holds that it exists, entities that develop it must avoid disclosure because such tactics are most effective when least understood. That being said, this malware does resemble an attack on Lai Dai physicist Holene Vailakkel, who has been in a coma for nearly a decade."

According to corporate records, Steine Vailakkel is Holene Vailakkel's spouse. The Lai Dai megacorporation has declined to comment on the matter. The Wiyrkomi Peace Corps are assisting with the investigation and have made available specialist security assets from their neighboring facility to Zainou and Ishukone Watch.

Thebeka, Domain – Accusations of opportunistic and illegal slave-taking have been levelled at paramilitary forces participating in counter-insurgency operations on Thebeka III, where a slave rebellion provoked by chemical weapon terror attacks is entering its fifth week. The sense of outrage among the Holders of Thebeka III has been heightened by the reported arrest of the notorious slaver Orlon Zashev, a former Sardar-Colonel in the Khanid Royal Uhlans alleged to have carried out war crimes and slave raids during the Vindication Wars.

Slave rebellions took place on several Amarr worlds a month ago, following terrorist attacks believed to be the work of the Blood Raider Covenant, although most of the uprisings were swiftly put down by local forces. The worst affected planets were the Sarum world of Alkabsi IV and Thebeka III in the territories of the Ardishapur Family. House Sarum forces were able to reduce the Alkabsi rebellion to a low-intensity and isolated insurgency shortly before the end of YC120. With all cities and vital infrastructure secured, Amarr military forces on Akabsi IV have been withdrawing to their garrisons as the Ministry of Internal Order and Sarum police troops deal with outstanding trouble spots.

The Thebeka III situation continued over the Yoiul Festival period and as a result has been the focus of much paramilitary and capsuleer activity. Amarr loyalist capsuleers from organizations such as PIE and the CVA have landed many troops on Thebeka III, under Imperial mandate, as have numerous other paramilitary and mercenary companies loyal to the Amarr Empire. Lord Khalil Numayr of the Numayriyah continent of the planet had already been reported as expressing disquiet at the continuing presence of numerous forces not directly loyal to House Ardishapur or its vassal houses. While Lord Numayr has not commented on the most recent developments, members of the Numayr court and vassal Holders across Numayriyah have complained of numerous incidents of illicit slave-taking during the unrest.

As the situation on Thebeka III has improved, with only the city of Dabara remaining a serious site of conflict, fresh accusations have emerged of paramilitary forces taking slaves from pacified areas where Ardishapur police and security forces remain overstretched. The scandal has exploded into open outrage among the local Holders with the reported arrest of Orlon Zashev in Sertene-Nauon, Numayriyah by Ministry of Internal Order troops. Some local Holders have claimed that large numbers of capsuleer, mercenary and foreign troops have contributed to a sense of chaos in their regions. Lord Caul Tol-Sarpol of the Trans-Dabara region went so far as to charge that "criminal acts of property damage, theft and abduction of servants have been carried out by foreigners claiming authority from so-called capsuleer 'lords' taking advantage of the situation."

For its part, the Minmatar Republic's Justice Department lists Orlon Zashev as their fifth most-wanted slaver and has filed a request through CONCORD for Zashev to be handed over to them under the terms of the extradition provisions of the Yulai Accords. It is highly unlikely that Zashev would be handed over given the strong protections Amarr and allied militaries have under Imperial law. Further impediments to such action would be the priority of any case the MIO has against Zashev, the likely inapplicability of CONCORD law to the Republic Justice Department's charges and the ongoing diplomatic tensions between the Amarr Empire and Minmatar Republic.

As direct fief-holder of Thebeka and its planetary bodies, Royal Heir Arim Ardishapur has indicated that the presence of paramilitary and other auxiliary forces on Thebeka III is no longer needed and evacuation of such forces should begin. Imperial authorities have expressed a desire for loyal capsuleers to concentrate on the security situation in Thebeka system's space.

Cardinal Sourem Itharen of the Court Chamberlain's Office said, "The additional forces supplied by loyal capsuleers to secure Thebeka III were most welcome but the time has come for them to withdraw. We remain most concerned by the presence of Minmatar terrorists, heretics, anarchists and criminal elements operating in Thebeka, and would wish loyal capsuleers to now concentrate their efforts on removing enemies of Amarr from our space."

Yulai – The Amarr Empire has confirmed that the recent appearance of Imperial Navy flotillas in key border systems with the Minmatar Republic are a response to the Republic Fleet taskforces sent to the Auga, Isbrabata and Vard systems.

Coming from a meeting of the Privy Council to the standing emergency session of the Inner Circle in Yulai, Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh said:

"The Amarr Empire will defend its sovereign space with all the might at our disposal and with the force of law and God's will on our side. Her Sublime Imperial Majesty Catiz I has instructed the Imperial Navy to patrol the Ezzara, Kourmonen and Kurniainen systems in order to secure the border with the territories occupied by the Minmatar Republic under the Yulai Accords."

The Imperial Delegate to the Inner Circle went on to detail developments in the Empire following the chemical weapons attacks and subsequent slave revolts on five Amarr planets:

"Her Sublime Imperial Majesty's Privy Council has received full reports from the civil and military authorities of each affected planet. The attacks against Mabnen I and Sehmy III were appalling but order was swiftly and professionally restored by local forces. Serious disorder broke out on Dakba IV but order has also been restored there with the intervention of the Ministry of Internal Order and Theology Council. Again, this was done professionally and with minimal loss of life.

"As is well-known, the attacks on Alkabsi IV and Thebeka III were more serious and evidently aimed at provoking serious violence among the large slave populations of those worlds. It is true that in this aim the attacks on these two planets succeeded. However, rapid action by the forces of House Sarum and House Ardishapur, together with the support of the Ministry of Internal Order, Theology Council, Order of St. Tetrimon and loyal vassals, has restored order in most localities.

"The cities of Alkabsi IV are at peace, again with minimal loss of life. The ongoing rebellion in the southern continent of the planet has been reduced to a low-intensity insurgency following successful, and unfortunately necessary, assaults on the Kaba Hills mineworks, a tunnel complex that harbored some several thousand rebel troops. I wish to place on record holographic evidence of the exceedingly well-fortified and well-armed rebel strongholds in those tunnels.

"There is also news from Thebeka III, where the situation remains grave. The city of Dabara is the scene of open rebellion and has been placed under interdict by House Ardishapur. Happily, it can be reported that Lord Khalil Numayr has been recovered by special forces of the 7th Ardishapur Kameiras. The fact that Lord Numayr was kept from harm by the Numayr household slaves and his own personal Kameira guards has weighed heavily in determining the fate of Dabara. By order of Lord Ardishapur the city will be retaken. The example we shall make is that the loyal will not be abandoned. The heretics and the traitors will not force our hands.

"We expect the retaking of Dabara will take some time. Given the wise forbearance of the Lords Ardishapur and Sarum, upheld by Her Sublime Imperial Majesty, all should condemn the continued interference in our sovereign internal affairs by the Gallente Federation and, most especially, the Minmatar Republic. It has not gone unnoticed by us that the rebels were armed and ready for this sequence of events. We also have tracked many of the so-called Republic Justice Department's infiltration vessels across Amarr space and most particularly in Alkabsi and Thebeka. These attempts to destabilize the Empire must cease. We have acted with forebearance but also with necessity. We would expect nothing less from others should rebellion arise in their territory."

Gallente Federation delegate Devan Malate branded Captain Marshal xer Qosh's remarks as "repugnant excuse-making for brutal assaults on civilian populations and a grotesque attempt to shift the blame for the standing violence that is slavery onto the enslaved." The Gallente Federation is maintaining a sanctions regime against the Empire, Khanid Kingdom and many key Amarr officials and corporate entities.

In response to the accusations of infiltration, Minmatar Republic delegate Keitan Yun declared, "There is as much truth in the accusations of Justice Department rescue and survival enhancement missions taking place as there is in the never-ending testimony as to Amarr slave-taking being carried out under flags of convenience every day!" Challenged on his meaning, Ambassador Yun replied that his words could be taken "any way the Amarr Empire wishes to take them for they know the truth of the matter very well indeed!"

Varied operations in space continue on the part of Imperial and Republic forces across the border zones and, it would appear, in the Amarr systems of Alkabsi and Thebeka. Loyalist and allegedly rebel-supporting capsuleer forces have also been engaged in combat over the stricken worlds, with frequent skirmishes and several attacks on capsuleer structures taking place. The security situation in the Amarr Empire has also been confused by three ongoing Sansha's Nation incursions into imperial territory, with one at the Bleak Lands border with Metropolis. There are reports that both Amarr and Minmatar fleets have clashed with Sansha's Nation units.

Yulai – The Republic Fleet has deployed taskforces to key regional border systems in the disputed territories between the Amarr Empire and the Minmatar Republic. CONCORD's Inner Circle was given notice of this action by Minmatar delegate Keitan Yun.

"The Minmatar Republic cannot stand by and tolerate the recurring violent suppression of our brothers and sisters in slavery by the Amarr Empire. The Tribal Council has instructed the Sanmatar to mobilize the Republic Fleet and enforce a blockade of the border with the Amarr Empire. I must inform the Inner Circle that Minmatar taskforces have been sent to Auga, Isbrabata and Vard to secure the gates leading from Heimatar and Metropolis into the Empire."

The Amarr Delegate to the Inner Circle, Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh confined his response to condemning the Minmatar Republic's action, describing it as "precipitous and a naked attempt to capitalize on the misery produced by Blood Raider terror attacks." Captain Marshal xer Qosh then left the Inner Circle session to consult with the Imperial Privy Council.

The Inner Circle remains in emergency session but the Scope understands that the meeting has been suspended as all core empire delegates are presently consulting with their respective national governments. CONCORD has confirmed that the Republic Fleet's actions are technically legal under the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act of YC110.

The Gallente Federation has issued a call for calm and negotiation, while repeating its stance that military suppression of slave revolts is "a gross violation of human rights and those perpetrating it remain subject to sanctions."

Caldari State authorities have remained closed-mouthed and the CEP's formal position is that the internal affairs of the Amarr Empire are not a matter for it to comment on.

Khanid representative Sa-Baron Alar Chakaid claimed the Republic's actions to be "a palpable smokescreen for their use of Ammatar traitors to promote insurgency and terrorism across Holy Amarr." The Ammatar Mandate's consular government has made no comment. The Blood Raider Covenant has not claimed responsibility for the terror attacks nor denied its involvement.

The Scope will continue to report on this situation as it develops with further coverage available in the Scope's GalNet bulletins.

Amarr Prime – Military and security forces of the Amarr Empire have been responding to yesterday's series of terrorist attacks on five Amarr planets over the past 24 hours. Reports from the different locales indicate a variety of approaches to dealing with the aftermath of the attacks, apparently depending on their impact and the posture of local authorities. Claims that the hallucinogenic Deathglow and mutagenic Insorum boosters were used in the attacks appear to have been confirmed by some planetary authorities.

The most seriously affected planets are Dakba IV and Thebeka III, both part of the Ardishapur Family's territories in the Domain Region, and reportedly experiencing widespread rioting in areas with high slave populations. Lord Eshvizir Tapur, Holder of Dakba, issued a statement condemning the terror attacks on one of his system's most populous planets and deplored the ensuing slave revolts. "These attacks are vile blows at the order of the universe but the metropolitan and continental Holders of Dakba IV will have to account for the collapse in the security situation. I am firm that proper moral guidance in the light of Holy Amarr would have prevented this kind of rebellion, regardless of the use of vile chemical weapons," said Lord Tapur.

On Thebeka III, attacks were concentrated on slave districts across the continent of Numayriyah, with considerable violence ensuing in the aftermath. The Holder of Numayriyah, Lord Khalil Numayr is reportedly missing, with his niece Governor Adila Numayr of Dam-Sertene co-ordinating the response. The city of Dabara is reported to be in flames, with Ministry of Internal Order troops exchanging fire with apparently well-armed rebel groups.

The attack on the Imperial World of Mabnen I is widely reported as having been thwarted by a combination of rapid security response, environmental safeguards and the high use of transcranial microcontrollers among the slave population in the domed and underground cities of a planet that is focused on mining and manufacturing. Sources in the Imperial civil service believe the attack on Mabnen I was a largely symbolic echoing of the devastating June YC107 attack by the Blood Raider Covenant on the planet. Successive Amarr governments have rebuilt Mabnen I with a view to preventing similar attacks, evidently with considerable success.

The Kor-Azor world of Sehmy III is also reported to have weathered the attacks without experiencing large-scale disturbances. Well-placed sources in the court of Lord Antem Ojir of Sehmy attribute this to the extensive use of transcranial microcontrollers among the Sehmy III population. Given the reports from Mabnen, the experimental evidence that TCMCs significantly reduce the impact of weaponized Deathglow would seem to be borne out.

The Sarum domain planet of Alkabsi IV was somewhat worse affected by the attacks and significant rebel activity has been reported. Most cities on the planet were quickly pacified by Sarum Family Police Guards but fighting in the mineral extraction fields of the southern continental outback is ongoing. A battalion of Shining Flame company mercenaries is believed to be accompanying a brigade strength deployment of troops from the 1st Sarum Royal Army with a view to "crushing all resistance to the rule of House Sarum on Alkabsi IV" in the reported words of Lord Arrach Sarum.

The Imperial Privy Council continues to meet in Dam-Torsad on Amarr Prime but has made no official comment other than to issue orders in council to the Imperial Navy, Ministry of Internal Order, Theology Council Paladins and other Imperial security forces.

Khanid Kingdom plenipotentiary representative Sa-Baron Alar Chakaid was more forthcoming, "These evil attacks against Holy Amarr are plainly the work of Ammatar traitors in league with Minmatar rebels and terrorists. The brute mentality of the Minmatar has always been to bite the hand that feeds them, whether that hand is filling their bellies or nourishing their souls. It is becoming clear that current policies on slave-holding, particularly in certain domains, are founded on deeply mistaken interpretations of scripture on the Reclaiming, the Chosen and even matters of economics. We in the Kingdom naturally stand ready to assist our brothers in Holy Amarr in these matters."

Amarr Prime – As the Amarr Empire's Privy Council met in special session today, a series of terrorist attacks were carried out on five Amarr worlds across the Empire. Reports of attacks on Alkabsi IV, Dakba IV, Mabnen I, Sehmy III and Thebeka III have been confirmed by the Scope, while Amarr sources indicate the mobilization of Ministry of Internal Order forces across the Empire.

Imperial Navy forces are said to be on high alert though no incursions into Amarr space are being reported. While the situation on the planets that have been attacked remains unclear, many believe these terror strikes to be another attempt to destabilize the Empire through chemical attacks aimed at provoking slave rebellions such as those that took place in Kahah.

Earlier today, the Privy Council continued its special meeting, called by Empress Catiz I to consider responses to the violence in Kahah and the ensuing sanctions levied by the Gallente Federation and Minmatar Republic. Attended by the Heirs of all six Royal Houses, the special meeting began over the weekend and had been characterized by vocal and strong opinion expressed by several Royal Heirs ahead of the formal sessions.

Speaking at the weekend, Royal Heir Arrach of the Sarum Family issued calls for renewed vigilance against Blood Raiders and other Sani Sabik heresies. "Recent attacks have struck at the heart of the Empire. It is complacency of the highest magnitude that we have allowed Sanist influence to return to levels preceding the purification of the Bleak Lands. The Empire must immediately launch a full investigation into these attacks, and the full force of Holy Amarr be brought upon anyone found to be league with evil." Lord Sarum is also reportedly furious with the Khanid Kingdom, though it unclear whether this is due to the Kahah massacres or the economic sanctions they provoked.

Lord Tunir Tash-Murkon indicated that the incidents in Kahah were unfortunate, but that the response was a logical reaction given problems with maintaining discipline over the Kingdom's slave population in the face of terrorist attacks. "However, we now have to contend with attempts to bring economic pressure to bear on us from the Minmatar and the Gallente. I feel sure the Empress will focus the Council's deliberations on a correct and measured response to misguided attempts to use interstellar diplomacy and economics to effect internal change in a sovereign state."

Lord Arim Ardishapur chose to point to the 24th Imperial Crusade as an example of growing heretical influences. "We live in a time of falsehood and the light of the true faith grows dimmer every day. When Holy Amarr represents itself on the battlefield with unholy mercenaries who perform twisted blood sacrifices in our name, should we not expect that God turns His gaze from us?"

The Kor-Azor Family was muted by comparison. Steward Aya Khema, who spoke on behalf of Royal Heir Ersilia Kor-Azor, said the Kor-Azor Family "laments the loss of life in the Kahah system and elsewhere," and joined calls for an investigation into how such large-scale attacks could have happened.

Given the developing situation on numerous Amarr worlds this evening, the position of the Kor-Azor and Sarum Families will be reinforced and observers of Empire politics believe it will almost certainly lead the Privy Council to recommend an enhancement of the Empire's internal security and military apparatus. So far, House Kador has remained notably tight-lipped and the Khanid Kingdom has concerned itself with putting down a number of smaller uprisings in the systems of Palas, Ashmarir, Danera, Gehi, and several others since the Kahah rebellion.

Annaro, The Citadel – Everfresh, a partnership between megacorporations Sukuuvestaa and Quafe, announced its first contract outside the partnership today. News of the contract, which provides food services to Kaalakiota's massive creche infrastructure, preceded a slight bump in both Quafe and SuVee stock.

Currently, Everfresh is the primary provider of meal and nutrition services to SuVee's creche network. Comprehensive meal and nutrition services for megacorp creches pose logistical challenges beyond the cluster standard for children's meal plans. While a public school in the Federation or Republic may serve one or two meals on school days, an average creche within the State must be capable of supplying all daily meals, every day of the week.

An additional level of logistical complexity is entailed when specialized creches provide end-of-life care for retirees whose family prefers to defer their guardian responsibilities to professionals. With care for the elderly through a "return to mother megacorp" becoming commonplace, meal and nutrition services within the State must offer balanced plans for the elderly, as well as each stage of childhood.

Everfresh has managed to carve a niche in the creche food service industry beyond normal megacorp boundaries, with Quafe working to its strengths in food preparation and long-term planning and Sukuuvestaa supplying fresh ingredients from its extensive network of agriworlds.

According to Kiruma Wasakaila, a market analyst with Kaimon Partners, "Kaalakiota might seem to be an unconventional customer for Quafe, and the deal is probably more of a reflection of SuVee connections with KK, but the partnership between SuVee and Quafe is unconventional to start with. A deeper look shows that the combination of SuVee's enormous agricultural operations, and Quafe's expertise in processing and distribution have led to an overall drop of 3% in costs. And that's just for SuVee internally, once Everfresh replaced their in-house group."

SuVee's previous forays in the food preparation industry have been public relation disasters, such as the Protein Delicacies scandal of YC105. In the 15 years since then, the previously strained relationship between SuVee and Quafe has become professional and businesslike, confounding expectations of corporate conflict between the two giants.

While the full details of the Kaalakiota contract have not been announced, experts are suggesting the projected savings may be even higher due to KK's larger creche network, overall older demographics and considerable interests in veterans' retirement barracks.

M-N7WD III, Curse – Angel Cartel-affiliated planetary defense forces have been celebrating after "fighting off an attack by a suspected rogue drone" on the third planet of M-N7WD, today.

Sources among the local Salvation Angels group told the Scope that they believed the attack to be evidence of a new rogue drone swarm or even Triglavian Collective subversion of rogue drones in their space. Further investigation by the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx, however, revealed the true story to be an even stranger tale than that.

According to evidence released on GalNet by residents of the M-N7WD III township of Hardscrabble, the purported "rogue drone" was actually a Hyasyoda Model 373 auto-combine harvester. Witness reports say the machine was in the small farming town's heavy equipment shop for maintenance when it suddenly burst free from the garage and headed directly for the town center.

The heavy-duty auto-combine then ran amok and did significant damage to multiple township buildings before local Angel Cartel militia arrived. The crazed farming machinery was brought to a halt after several rocket-propelled anti-armor plasma charges were fired into its control core.

Images posted to GalNet clearly show the serial number of a Hyasyoda Model 373 in several places on the seared, twisted and melted wreckage. According to purchase reports, the auto-combine was originally destined for Ihumoanopolis, Rens III, but the shipment was lost enroute. When reached for comment, Ihumoanopolis Deputy Administrator of Agriculture Luren Bear admitted to playing a role in the havoc in Hardscrabble.

"Yeah, I sent that auto-combine on a rampage. I was doing a check on our 373s and saw that one pop up as connected to the network. They must have been trying to do a software update or something so I hit the auto-recall. Hope it ran over some of those Angel bastards," said Deputy Administrator Bear.

The Angel Cartel declined a request for further comment. Hyasyoda representatives noted that any warranties applying to their products would be void in this case due to modification by an unaffiliated repair shop, uncontrolled exposure to explosive munitions and illegal export to a territory lacking the proper export-import licensing regime.

Great Caravanserai, Matar – The Minmatar Republic and Gallente Federation governments have approved trade sanctions against the Amarr Empire, as a response to the Empire's handling of the recent violence in the Kahah system. The Republic resolution, reportedly drafted two weeks ago, was announced by the Tribal Council to coincide with President Jacus Roden's signing of complementary Federation sanctions measures this morning.

"The Empire has long brutalized and massacred the oppressed under the rubric of 'pacification'," said Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor in his announcement of the Tribal Council's decision. "These are not the actions of a civilized nation. Until the Empire ends its barbaric practices, we will not tolerate further efforts by the Empire to normalize its economic relationship with the rest of New Eden."

When asked how the Republic would weather the loss of Imperial trade, Shakor said, "The Minmatar Tribes are resurgent. The loss of Amarr trade – which was never a significant part of our economy – only opens the way for new investors and the development of local, Matari enterprises. The Amarr have always wanted people to think that we need them, but the truth is we do not need them and have never needed them."

The sanctions aim to limit Imperial and Khanid access to Federal and Republic capital by freezing assets and implementing travel bans for select Amarr and Dark Amarr officials and Holders. Several hundred Holders and businessmen throughout the Empire and Kingdom are being targeted, with Lord Tunir Tash-Murkon, the current royal heir of House Tash-Murkon, the highest-profile individual to be affected. Other individuals include Zoar and Sons CEO Lady Ardamad Zoar, Khanid Transport director Isan Anmeal, Lord Toha Kojafi of Tash-Murkon bank Dharian Kojafi, and Lords Alar Chakaid and Soshan Fayez, who were involved in the pacification efforts on Kahah.

The sanctions extend to imposing severe restrictions on numerous Imperial and Khanid corporations, effectively preventing them from doing business on planets, moons and colonies in the Federation and the Republic. However, the measures stop short of infringing on the provisions of the Yulai Convention governing extraterritoriality of space stations and regulation of SCC markets. Among the businesses affected are Carthum Conglomerate, Imperial Armaments, Inherent Implants, Zoar and Sons, Dharian Kojafi, Nurtura, and clothing retail company Eternity Designs.

The sanctions also target major Khanid enterprises like Khanid Innovation, Khanid Transport, Khanid Works, Royal Amalgamated, and the Royal Khanid Bank, but these corporations, with the exception of Royal Amalgamated, have considerably fewer economic ties to the Gallente and Minmatar markets. The Royal Uhlans and the Khanid Kingdom's Asbara military elite, both major participants in the pacification efforts on Kahah, were also included in the list.

Though the Amarr Empire and Khanid Kingdom conduct a large portion of their interstellar trade with the Caldari State, a number of Holders and Amarrian corporations have continued to do business with both the Federation and the Republic, especially in the textiles, cyberware, and weapons manufacturing sectors. Trade growth has been limited, however, both by the Empire's protectionist economic policies and by their reliance on slave labor, with neither the Federation nor the Republic willing to deal in slave-produced goods.

The effect the sanctions might have on the Kingdom itself are unclear. The Khanid Kingdom was able to recover from the Caldari-Khanid recession of YC 108-111 thanks to the rebound of the Caldari economy and the negotiation of new trade deals with the Tash-Murkon Family, but its dependence on outside trade leaves it vulnerable.

Federal and Republic representatives have raised the possibility of imposing additional sanctions against Caldari corporations with ties to the Kingdom, such as Lai Dai and Kaalakiota corporations, but are wary of creating additional tension with the State. "We are considering other alternatives for applying pressure," said President Jacus Roden in reply to questions at the post-signing press conference.

Empress Catiz I has called a special session of the Privy Council to discuss the sanctions following the Federation and Republic announcements. Imperial Court correspondents indicate that preparations for a visit to Kahah by an inquisitorial tribunal that would have been headed by Royal Heir Arrach Sarum have been suspended in light of the sanctions against the Empire.

New Caldari – Ishukone and Hyasyoda have submitted findings from a year-long joint investigation into alleged smuggling by Nugoeihuvi and CBD to the Caldari Business Tribunal, calling on the Caldari intercorporate court to open a case that may lead to penalties for the accused megacorps.

Witness testimony, shipping manifests, and whistle-blowers support claims that the NOH and CBD megacorporations used extralegal means of moving goods and peoples across the border during the YC119 partial closure, avoiding restrictions which hindered other megacorporations, their subsidiaries and interstellar trading partners. The evidence largely hinges on records acquired from Amaguq Freight Solutions, a Syndicate-registered import-export company, which the Ishukone-Hysayoda report alleges served as a front for the smuggling operation.

The listed address for Amaguq Freight Solutions, on the Intaki Syndicate station orbiting MXYS-8 IV M1, is actually an Intaki takeout restaurant. Independent reporters were able to confirm the allegation of a front address, noting the restaurant appeared to specialize in deep-fried protein delicacies sold as "long-limb roe tempura".

The report's testimony from whistle-blowers includes claims that the front was a joint operation by Serpentis and Guristas smugglers, allowing them to exploit contacts on both sides of the border. This criminal arrangement, the testimony suggests, worked out so well that the pirate organizations used it to move their own goods independently of their arrangement with NOH and CBD.

The Ishukone-Hyasyoda taskforce's investigators further assert that this channel was how CBD and NOH exchanged luxury goods for high-value, low-volume raw materials directly on Federation markets without paying the significant markups incurred by competitors diverting through the Amarr Empire or using its markets as an alternative.

"I'm sure that when Kaalakiota, Lai Dai, and Sukuuvestaa voted in support of the closure, they had thought all parties would be at an equal disadvantage," said Wiyrkomi Peace Corps representative Uvas Noma, when asked to comment as she attended a security conference on New Caldari Prime. "But it appears that through just this one avenue, NOH and CBD managed to save billions. The Peace Corps is looking at additional evidence we independently gathered, which suggests there are more illegal channels to be uncovered."

Noma noted that signs of the smuggling operations have been spotted on Ishukone, Hyasyoda, and Wiyrkomi stations, and the three megacorps are in talks to merge their investigative efforts. "It's telling that CBD and NOH were two of the main holdouts when it came time to lift the restrictions," she concluded.

Further comment on the allegations was supplied by sources among outlawed organizations. In particular, Guristas pilot Panola 'Punchy' Paatama confirmed the allegations. "Hell yeah we smuggled for CBD and NOH. We smuggle for Catiz and the godlovers too – we smuggle for damn near everyone, cause we don’t discriminate, we got the best rates and the best customer service, and up yours if you think otherwise!"

Khanid Prime – Queen Zidarez Khanid claimed the successful pacification of Kahah in an interview with Dark Amarr News today, her first public appearance since the Deathglow bombings and slave rebellion in that system. Queen Zidarez, seemingly quite recovered from her injuries, also spoke of her experiences on Kahah III when the chemical attacks began.

When questioned on the crisis, Queen Zidarez said that Khanid forces had "eliminated all remaining rebel strongholds" and claimed that they were "no longer a significant threat." She went on to thank the Khanid troops currently fighting in the system. She also expressed gratitude to Sardar Marshal Soshan Fayez, overall commander of the Khanid forces in Kahah, and highlighted the efforts of the 7th Asbara Cyber Knights, 19th Royal Uhlans, and loyal capsuleers for their "great service to the Kingdom's defense."

"The men and women on the ground handled the pacification campaign with expertise and finesse," Zidarez said. "Despite the exaggerated claims of foreign agitators seeking to profit from the situation, casualties on the surface have been kept to a minimum – three hundred thousand, perhaps fewer. While that's somewhat higher than the Mabnen toll, it should be noted that on this occasion the Blood Raiders launched their attacks on several planets at once. Their new weapon was also even more disruptive and rather deadly to our workforce." Mabnen I is a planet in the Amarr Empire's Throne Worlds that was the site of a similar Blood Raider attack in YC107. The attack, resulting riots and military clampdown claimed an estimated hundred thousand lives.

Kahah III (Courtesy: ARC Studio)

The Scope is unable to verify Queen Zidarez's claimed casualty numbers. The Khanid Kingdom is notoriously secretive about its total slave population, though others claim this masks lax practices, and has restricted reporting of the situation, making difficult to accurately assess the total number of casualties. Independent analysis from groups such as the Servant Sisters of EVE and the University of Caille suggest far higher numbers, with overall estimates between 2 and 9 million. These estimates include both slaves and freepersons, across all planets of the Kahah system.

When asked to comment on claims from the Minmatar Republic's Inner Circle delegate, Keitan Yun, that the rebels were fighting for their freedom rather than because of the chemical weapon effects, Zidarez rejected the assertion. "Our people are devoted and peaceful. Kahah's workers were not just waiting around for the opportunity to rebel."

Despite the claims of victory from Queen Zidarez and Imperial outlets like DAN and ACN, sources in the Kahah system claim sporadic violence is still ongoing. The remnants of the rebel forces on Kahah III, now identifying themselves as the Kahah Free Army, and reportedly joined by a small number of Kahah militia defectors, have continued to carry out insurgent attacks across the planet.

King Farokh Khanid III has not yet publicly addressed the uprising, but is reported to be in regular contact with Empress Catiz I and the Amarr Empire's delegate to the CONCORD Inner Circle, Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh. The other five Royal Houses of the Amarr Empire have not yet commented but are rumored to be digesting the remarks of the Khanid Queen.

Even so, Queen Zidarez is not the only Amarrian noble to speak about Kahah and other recent chemical attacks. Many Amarr noble houses have released statements, with most condemning the violence and the involvement of Blood Raider cultists. Some houses, mostly from the Kador, Tash-Murkon, and Sarum territories, have proclaimed solidarity with the Khanid Kingdom and its response. Others, especially houses aligned with the Ardishapur and Kor-Azor families, have criticized its actions as needlessly brutal.

Yulai, Genesis – An active information worm attributed to the Triglavian Collective has been deployed to the GalNet fluid router system, reports the Secure Commerce Commission. The purpose of the worm appears to be to interact with Triglavian filament technology, reconfiguring it to permit support of frigate-sized ships.

The self-replicating and -propagating information worm has spread itself across the fluid router network at "extraordinary speed" according to sources in the SCC. "We're unable to stop it and it's distributed itself across thousands of light-years of router connections. I don't think there's ever been a worm with that long a tail," said one information warfare officer.

While the worm has spread rapidly and widely, information security specialists have been analyzing examples of its cellular code and payload in secured, unentangled and air-gapped "black box" computing environments. SCC analysts believe it poses little to no threat to normal operations of the GalNet system, SCC market network, or other computer and information networks.

Triglavian Damavik-class ships in Abyssal Deadspace

The purpose of the Triglavian Collective in apparently unlocking the capability for small groups of frigates to enter Abyssal Deadspace remains obscure. The Collective continues to fight a war with the Drifters in its domains, by all accounts, and some have speculated that it seeks allies in this struggle. Others theorize that Triglavian culture involves extensive use of ritual, including forms of gladiatorial combat that serve an important purpose in a posited "dominance hierarchy".

Another theory is that the Triglavians are deliberately luring ships from New Eden into the Abyssal realm so as to sample our technology, gain intelligence or even harvest biomass. Whatever the case may be, Abyssal Deadspace is opening to groups of up to three frigates and collaborative exploration of the depths of this mysterious realm will be possible.


(For more information about developments in Abyssal Deadspace see the Abyssal Onslaught devblog.)

4C-B7X, Outer Ring – In a holomeeting with corporate and institutional investors, Upwell Consortium Chairman Yani Sar Arteu noted the sustained increase in Upwell profits through quarters one to three YC120, and stated that the Consortium fully expects profits to increase further in quarter four with the launch of their 'Fast Logistical EXpansion' or 'FLEX' product line, next week.

The Upwell Consortium revealed its plans for the FLEX product line of structures at a corporate press event on the sidelines of the annual Mind Clash Interstellar Championships at the Grand Tiegjon Casino in Vellaine, last month. With a line up of strategic navigation structures comprising the Ansiblex Jump Gate, Pharolux Cyno Beacon and Tenebrex Cyno Jammer, the FLEX brand once again follows the Upwell strategy of aiming squarely at the growing capsuleer market for space colonization infrastructure.

"Given the obsolesence of older starbase navigation systems, which of course ORE pioneered, we feel sure that the Upwell FLEX line of strategic and navigational structures will significantly enhance the efficiency, control and flexibility of capsuleer corporations making use of advanced faster-than-light transport technology," stated Chairman Arteu. "As such, we are confident that the trend for increasing profits which the Consortium and its members have enjoyed will continue and most likely change trajectory even more positively."

Ansiblex Jump Gate
The Upwell Consortium's Ansiblex Jump Gate product

Discussing Upwell's research and development efforts, Chairman Arteu conceded that investigation of Triglavian technology had proved to be a boon for researchers in member corporations such as Propel Dynamics and Ytiri. The Chairman highlighted in particular the improvements in the Ansiblex made possible by such research, "We have been able to take advantage of certain insights provided by Triglavian conduit technology, and the EXERT Conduit Coupler incorporated in the Ansiblex has markedly increased the speed and stability with which point-to-point FTL transport conduits can be established between star systems."

Other Consortium developments discussed on the holomeeting call included an expansion of Frostline Laboratories development efforts from asteroid ice-mining to include the exploitation of the subclass of dwarf planets referred to as 'ice dwarfs'. Other developments mentioned were experiments by a partnership formed by Impetus and Chemal Tech with subcranial imaging implants, aimed at applications in areas as diverse as leisure immersion, industrial simulation and control systems, and the military systems market.

Questioned by some pension and charitable institution investors on the rumored development of an advancement of the aging transcranical microcontroller technology, Chairman Arteu disavowed the involvement of any Consortium member in research into "coercive or deceptive technologies such as that."


(For more information about Upwell FLEX structures see the Navigation Structures devblog)

Kahah, Khanid Kingdom – Open conflict between the Royal Khanid Navy and Minmatar capsuleers from the Ushra'Khan alliance broke out last night, as the ongoing Kahah Rebellion continues to provoke strong passions in the interstellar community. The incident saw a Minmatar militia freighter destroyed by the intervention of a Khanid Navy Aeon-class supercarrier, and an apparent retaliatory strike on a CONCORD observer vessel by Ushra'Khan capsuleers.

Khanid forces were responding to an attempt to land troops on the surface of Kahah III, made by Tribal Liberation Force militia led by the capsuleer Armast Darkar. The fleet of Ushra'Khan vessels were providing escort and support for Darkar's Providence-class freighter as militia and mercenary troops attempted landings on Kahah III. Also present was Captain Oveg Drust of SARO, operating as an observer on behalf of CONCORD's Inner Circle, and a contingent of Amarr loyalist paramilitaries.

The Minmatar landing efforts are reported by numerous sources to have failed badly, with a proportion of the "shuttles" and "dropships" apparently burning up due to insufficient adaptation to Kahah III's atmospheric conditions. Other landing craft are reported to have been destroyed by Khanid ground forces operating anti-aircraft batteries, with others hunted down by Khanid atmospheric fightercraft of the Kahah III territorial squadrons. It is also reported that numerous rebels and guerilla fighters on the ground were eliminated by units of the notorious 7th Asbara Cyber Knights as they attempted to sabotage Khanid ground installations.

RKN Ironclad Faith at Kahah III
RKN Ironclad Faith at Kahah III (credit: General Stargazer)

The RKN Ironclad Faith, an Aeon-class commanded by Royal Commodore Arraz Nomarya, apparently functioned as the command center for combined ground, air and space operations of the Khanid forces responding. Commodore Nomarya issued a brief statement for the press:

"Royal Khanid Navy forces, operating in conjunction with the Expeditionary Kahah Pacification Force and Kahah III Territorial Militia, thwarted an illegal and incompetent incursion into the airspace of Kahah III. Our loyal militia provided anti-aircraft fire, supported by detachments of the 15th Naval Aerospace Defence Brigade. Their efforts eliminated the bulk of the threat from falling debris as rebel 'dropships' broke up in the atmosphere. The 9th Kahah III Territorial Squadron's AC-6L Simurgh fightercraft removed the remainder of the minor threats posed by the attempted incursion.

"Given the illegality of the attempt, under the provisions of the Yulai Convention, Accords and SCC Independent Planetary Management Act, the RKN Ironclad Faith led a taskforce to destroy the rebel freighter that operated as the launching platform for the incursion. We were successful, with the aid of loyal Amarr capsuleers, and withdrew in good order following completion of operations. The pacification of Kahah continues, under the exemplary command of Sardar Marshal Fayez, with only scattered rebel resistance on Kahah III remaining to deal with."

Amarr and Minmatar capsuleers in combat at Kahah III
Amarr and Minmatar capsuleers in combat at Kahah III (Credit: General Stargazer)

While the attempted landings failed, the Ushra'Khan forces carried out a successful "suicide attack" to destroy the Marshal-class battleship commanded by Captain Oveg Drust, despite it clearly operating as an observer platform on lawful CONCORD duty. Ushra'Khan sources claimed this to be retaliation for "CONCORD support of war crimes in Kahah." Captain Drust asserted, for his part, the importance of the Yulai Convention and laws pertaining to planetary security.

Capsuleer news broadcaster ARC Studio released an edition of its "The Discourse" show covering the incident and has authorized the Scope to syndicate the special report.

Events last night followed turmoil in Kahah space the previous day, as alleged "blood cultists" from the Fweddit capsuleer alliance executed some two million slaves in the staged immolation of nine Providence-class freighters above Kahah III. Roundly condemned by Amarr and Minmatar alike, the massacre has provoked much disquiet over the open practice of slave trading through the SCC markets.

The SCC has made no comment on the matter of the slave trade and the official position of the Amarr Empire was clarified in a response to petitions made to Empress Catiz I, on the occasion of her recent second jubilee. Sources at CONCORD indicate that the attempted breaches of the Yulai Convention and SCC IPM Act have caused much concern, and there are discussions at the highest level concerning the security of planetary customs offices and industrial colonies allowed to capsuleers under the act.

Josameto, The Forge – In a surprise move early this morning, Nugoeihuvi Corporation filed financial instruments with the House of Records dissolving their Bakkomolu Productions holofilm subsidiary. The move comes after Bakkomolu's azelokaivatko comedy Family Business was the subject of a legal action brought before the Caldari Business Tribunal by rival megacorp Wiyrkomi.

NOH released a statement, which read in part, "Due to market conditions as well as recent legal attacks, Bakkomolu Productions will cease operations. Its employees and assets will be made available at fair market rates, following standard procedure. We fully expect that this will close the matter currently before the CBT as the corporation in question no longer exists."

Additional filings with the House of Records indicate that the majority of Bakkomolu's assets have already been acquired by a newly incorporated NOH subsidiary, Pikohimo Features. When reached for comment, Pikohimo spokesperson Silla Iwi stated, "We at Pikohimo are very excited to embark on this new creative enterprise into unexplored thematic territory. In preparation for the next season, we've scouted some of the top talent in the business, such as esteemed director Fuzo Kinnuva and the entire original cast of Family Business. We are fortunate that the original cast appears willing to hire on to complete the next chapter, and our negotiations are ongoing."

In cases where contract negotiations between production companies and stars have failed in the past, Caldari companies often recruit fresh faces who will undergo surgical modification intended to make them resemble the character whose role they will be filling. This is a more cost-effective method than the practice, increasingly widespread in the Gallente holofilm industry, of body-swapping using tailored and sculpted biomass clones.

Opinion is divided among experts on Caldari corporate law as to the merits of NOH's dissolution strategy. Viili Takana, partner with Ikomari-Onu CF&L Services, commented, "Technically speaking, this maneuver is probably insufficient to shield NOH from further legal action on the original matter should Wiyrkomi wish to press it. However, the act of dissolution and costs of reorganization of the assets might be seen as sufficient for Wiyrkomi and the Seituoda family's wish to maintain face."

Wiyrkomi and the CBT did not respond to the Scope's requests for comment on this development. An anonymous source within Wiyrkomi suggested that, "If the new season of Pikohimo Features azelokaivatko output contines to cast insult on the Seituoda name it will only inflame the situation. I am not sure the family will wait to be insulted anew."

Caille, Gallente Prime - Cheers were muted this morning after the arrival of the final batch of Lirsautton VI refugees and their subsequent sequestration within the Jen Yiona Hospital biocontainment unit. Capsuleers from various organizations, including the United Neopian Federation and Arataka Research Consortium, aided in the evacuations, under the terms of the agreement brokered by the Ensînate of Central Garoun, which took place over several days.

While it is standard procedure for refugee immigrants to Gallente Prime to undergo medical checks before exposure to the general population, the hospital has sought additional security personnel in response to declarations from self-described "Nation Citizen" Evi Polevhia, an employee of Phoenix Naval Operations and participant in the escorting capsuleer fleet. During the refugee evacuation, Citizen Evi Polevhia announced, "I will go where I please and execute the duties given to me by higher powers as I see fit," and later suggested that "the job is not finished," in regards to previous Sansha's Nation incursions within the Federation.

When reached for comment, Doctor Arturio Kiervalani of Aidonis Medical clarified the need for security measures, "We cannot take even an implication of Sansha's Nation infiltration lightly. The quarantine period will have to be double what it would have been, though that's partially due to the poor health of the refugees." Doctor Kiervalani has been a leading medical professional in the humanitarian aid effort on Lirsautton VI, as part of the Aidonis Foundation efforts to resolve the crisis.

A representative from the Ensînate's Office of Immigration reaffirmed that upon the completion of medical treatment, testing, and vaccinations, the refugees will be placed into tailored integration programs. These year-long programs typically include being matched with a resident guide, provided housing, and offered universal translator implant suites. The Office of Immigration performs biannual checks on immigrants after their graduation from the program.

Garouni Royal Communications thanked the United Neopian Federation, the Arataka Research Consortium, and ARC public liaison Jaret Victorian on behalf of the royal family: "It is a joyous day but one tinged with sadness. The Ensînate of Central Garoun celebrates the safe arrival of our new citizens, but we mourn for those who did not have the chance to come here," the press release stated.

The fate of those who first broadcast a call for help has turned out to be a tragic one. The Aidonis Foundation reported the discovery of Mao Jin's body during the Lirsautton VI evacuation, along with the bodies of others believed to have been members of her tribe. Community-organized vigils will be held after the refugees leave the hospital.

Yulai – Tensions escalated between the CONCORD powers yesterday after Republic and Federation delegates threatened the Amarr Empire with sanctions or worse over the crisis in the Kahah system during a special session of the Inner Circle.

Special Representative Keitan Yun and Ambassador Devan Malate, the Republic and Federation delegates to the CONCORD Inner Circle, issued a joint statement condemning the Khanid Kingdom over its handling of the uprisings, and called for a cessation to hostilities in the Kahah system in order to work out a diplomatic solution. The delegates are demanding that Amarr Empire step in to handle the situation in a manner that respects the lives of the rebels, and that their governments are prepared to impose economic sanctions if actions are not taken.

The Republic and Federation delegates also suggested that their governments would consider providing active military support to the rebels "should the Empire fail to rein in its vassal state", a threat criticized by the State and Imperial delegates. The President of the Inner Circle, Seri Okonaya, said that such an action would, "violate the terms of the Yulai Accords and Conventions, not to mention the Emergency Militia War Powers Act." The EMWPA was passed in YC110 and established a state of limited war between the empires, but the act prohibits conflict between national armed forces outside of the specified combat area and is mostly fought through capsuleer proxies.

Special Representative Yun noted that breaches of the Yulai Convention and EMWPA already occur in high security space, claiming CONCORD turns a blind eye to such incidents. Yun also accused the Khanid Kingdom of sponsoring the attack on Rens Brutor Tribe Station 6-8 on October 8th. The station attack, like Kahah, made use of the chemical agent now being identified as "Deathglow". Yun further claimed that "a Khanid Holder currently participating in the Kahah Massacres is a suspect in investigations surrounding the attack on Rens Station 6-8," also noting long-standing "indications" of Khanid-Blood Raider ties.

Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh, Imperial delegate to the Inner Circle, refuted the claims from the Republic and Federation: "The Khanid Kingdom of the Empire is the victim of an attack orchestrated by Blood cultists and its forces are engaged in necessary military action to put down an internal rebellion. Any provocation by external parties can only inflame and prolong the conflict." Marshal xer Qosh also questioned the intentions of the Federation and the Republic, "They are engaged in transparent attempts to escalate tensions and turn public opinion against the Amarr Empire, all the while covertly supplying the rebels with weapons."

CBD CEO Imanima Himpas, the current Caldari delegate, maintained the State's previous stance that the Kahah situation is an internal affair of the Khanid Kingdom. However, she joined the Federation and Republic delegates in calling for a cessation of hostilities as soon as possible. In response, Captain Marshal xer Qosh ceded that if the rebel forces surrendered, they would be offered clemency under guarantee of the Imperial Throne.

While the Caldari delegation was satisfied by this answer, the Republic and Federation suggested no end to the conflict would be possible without negotiations recognising the rights of the rebels. "The rebels will not agree to a ceasefire if the Empire and the Kingdom are just going to send them back to slavery," said Keitan Yun. "They are willing to die for their freedom."

Attempts by both the Amarr Empire and the Minmatar Republic to advance policy resolutions were thwarted by the use of vetoes and all outstanding matters were referred to the full CONCORD Assembly.

Vezila, Khanid Kingdom – Intaki extremists assaulted the cruiser Pure Faith's Harvest belonging to Sa-Baron Atazil Kufail, earlier today, apparently in hopes of freeing a slave said to be a "lost Idama". Three frigates carrying the extremists intercepted the cruiser as it was at a transit point between the Gehi stargate and the Royal Khanid Navy Assembly Plant above Vezila IV.

After a brief firefight, the attackers managed to disable and board the vessel while it called for help from local Khanid Navy forces. Reports indicate there was a bloody skirmish between the ship's crew and the attackers that resulted in the eventual retreat of the Intaki, who fled the scene when the Khanid Navy arrived and destroyed one of the three frigates they had used in the assault.

The Pure Faith's Harvest is reportedly the very same vessel on which Wafneque Erilon, a monk of the Ida monasteries on Intaki Prime, claimed to have discovered the "lost Idama" to be the slave Ailoea en Waro, over a month ago. The goal of the extremists appears to have been to kidnap en Waro and return her to Intaki Prime in accordance with the desires of the Ida leadership and the Intaki Assembly.

A spokesperson for the Ida monasteries expressed horror at the violence that had been committed in the name of the Intaki way and claim the extremists acted on their own and are in no way associated with the Ida leadership. Sa-Baron Kufail has reportedly referred to the Ida leadership as "militant heathens" saying that "their attempts to hide their involvement shower them with guilt". No evidence has been brought forward to prove Ida involvement in the incident.

A spokesperson for the Intaki extremists, who identify themselves as the Idama en Waro Repatriation Front, named for the purported Idama herself, reached out to the Scope with a statement concerning their actions:

"The complacent nature of society toward slavery has been a blight on humanity both hypocritical and malign in nature. The bondage of the masses goes against the basic tenets of free society. Those who enjoy these freedoms while calling those who fight for it extremists or terrorists allow people like the slaver Kufail to prosper. The massacres in Kahah forced our hand. We will not pause when our kinsmen and others are denied the right to freedom and murdered for demanding it. We will strike down those responsible and use them as an example."

The Royal Khanid Navy stated that any and all attacks by Intaki extremists will be dealt with as piracy and met with the "sternest possible measures".

BREAKING REPORT: Sources in Caldari State claim that Khanid Royal Commodore Arraz Nomarya has met with representatives of the Intara Direct Action and Onikanabo Brigade PMCs with a view to securing their services for "counter-terrorist operations".

Kahah, Khanid Kingdom – After an apparent Blood Raider attack using the "Deathglow" chemical triggered widespread slave uprisings in the Kahah system, and fears that Queen Zidarez Khanid had been killed, brutal "pacification" efforts by Khanid forces are sparking protests across New Eden. The situation in the system is widely viewed as a humanitarian crisis.

As a major food production center, with some of the largest slaveholdings in the Kingdom, Kahah presents a unique challenge to Khanid troops, and despite bombardment of a large number of slave districts rebel activity continues to increase. It is claimed that the Khanid military are not discriminating between rebels and other slaves, and it is being reported that population centers that were not targeted by the initial Deathglow attacks are now experiencing their own revolts. Rebel forces have also been growing more organized, and have reportedly secured access to several weapons caches.

Protests against the Empire and the Kingdom have gathered in cities across several major planets, with protesters calling the event the "Kahah Massacres". Various humanitarian groups and members of the Republic and Federal governments have been demanding action. "Khanid lords are calling their efforts to pacify the revolts 'liquidating vermin'," said Anallan Kevier, Bourynes State Councillor for the Nexus District Parliament, "These aren't the words you use when you're just quelling a riot. This is a wholesale slaughter."

Kevier also said that the Federation has tolerated Amarrian slavekeeping for too long. "They wiped out an entire people the last time someone as high in the chain as Queen Zidarez was killed. She survived, but that doesn't seem to matter to the Khanid. How many more of these do we have to see before we wake up? It's time for the rest of the cluster – yes, the Caldari too – to demand that the Empire and its allies end this barbaric practice."

Imperial sources, as well as some groups outside of the Empire, have accused capsuleer interventions of exacerbating the issue. The Scope has received word that several illegal breaches of Khanid air space have been made with intent to evacuate slaves, and several major rebel groups across the Kahah system appear to be receiving assistance from capsuleer-backed insurgents. Several Minmatar capsuleers, including Mizhara Del'thul and Teinyhr, have publicly claimed responsibility for deploying operatives to the system.

It is unclear just how many ships have made it through. Imperial news outlets are denying that any unauthorized craft have survived, but reports from the surface have suggested several ships of Minmatar and SOE design were successfully able to penetrate aerial defenses.

Colonies providing humanitarian support have also been established on the surface by capsuleer Thaila Lemrenoy of MHE Industries. Local military forces have moved troops to surround these facilities and threatened to destroy them if they are used in any way that violates the terms of the SCC Independent Planetary Management Act.

Lemrenoy also organized a fleet operating transports over Kahah III. It is believed this fleet was involved in rescue operations. The fleet was later ordered to desist from providing any evacuation assistance or humanitarian aid to rebel forces by Sardar Marshal Soshan Fayez, commander of the 7th Asbara Cyber Knights. Sardar Marshal Fayez was supported by capsuleers from Amarr corporations PIE Inc. and Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque.