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EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two was a huge success for everyone here at Hadean. The playtest brought thousands of players together for an enormous clash in space, pushing our powerful Aether Engine in unique and unexpected ways, teaching us plenty about how we can continue developing and refining our technology.

But it wasn’t just a resounding victory for Team Hadean, as two players from the EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two playtest can call themselves winners too.

We had two prizes up for grabs – an all-expenses paid trip to EVE Vegas for a randomly-selected player and a CORSAIR gaming PC for the player who collected the most resources (ZPC) – and we can now reveal who the winners are!



Our first winner is Andrea D’Acunzo, known in-game as pilot aquaticunbiased.

He’s an EVE Online veteran of 10 years who lives in London and works as a game designer, which is what sparked his interest in EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two. He has decided to attend EVE Fanfest in Iceland for his prize, rather than EVE Vegas.

Andrea played Phase Two for almost an entire hour and tried out a wide range of tactics during his time in the playtest.

“At the beginning I tried using a Rattlesnake, but I found it a bit cumbersome and quickly discovered that it was an easy target,” explained Andrea. “After that, I mainly went around in a Gila, zooming between dust cloud to dust cloud, trying to avoid staying in the same place too long to avoid incoming fire and spamming the collect button as fast as I could. It didn't work very well, but at the end I was lucky and managed to destroy someone who must have amassed quite a bit of ZPC, a couple of minutes before the end!”

As a game designer, Andrea is excited to see what comes next and has already volunteered himself for further tests.

“I am very excited about what a new technology such as Aether Engine could bring to EVE Online and multiplayer games in general,” said Andrea. “Multiplayer games and technology are making some huge strides lately, especially in London. I would love to work with this stuff, so I am eager for any further tests… I want to see what the future of MMOs looks like!”



Our second winner was Aleksi from Finland, who was the best pilot on the day. Going by the in-game name of pilot livelygusty, Aleksi collected a staggering 193,320 ZPC! He also secured 12 kills against five deaths, playing for just over 50 minutes in total.

As the overall winner, we were keen to learn more about his resource-collecting strategy. How did Aleksi fight his way to the top of the leaderboards?

“When I joined the game, I really had no idea what I was doing at first, and had no strategy whatsoever,” he told us. “I just tried to stay alive for the first 20 to 30 minutes and failed miserably at it.

“Then after a while, I noticed something different; there was another ship in front of me but it was glowing yellow. I tried to kill it to find out if killing him would give me a health bonus, speed bonus, something like that. He kept using his warp drive to get away but eventually I managed to kill him and I noticed I got just over 1,000 ZPC for killing him. That’s when I realised the yellow ships have lots of ZPC.”

It was his ruthless pursuit of those yellow ships that saw Aleksi crowned as the EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two champion.

“I decided to focus on the ships that were glowing yellow and after a few kills I managed to get around 100,000 ZPC from one of them. All the earlier kills then added up to around 193,000 ZPC and I spent the last 10 minutes just trying to stay alive while multiple other ships were chasing me.”

I guess I came up with a strategy on the spot and it really worked out in my favour. I never even thought I had a chance at finishing on top of the leaderboard though.”

Whatever is next on the horizon for EVE Aether Wars, Aleksi is keen to take part. “I really want to take part in future playtests because I like the idea of stress testing new technology that can change the future of gaming. I really want to see what the future of Aether Engine holds… I’ve also never felt an adrenaline rush this big before while playing a game!”


So what’s next?

If you have an Aether Wars-shaped hole in your life that needs to be filled and a thirst for more spaceships that need to be blasted, the legendary EVE Online is free to play. Otherwise, we suggest keeping an eye on the news here and over on the Hadean website, as we may have some exciting news for you very soon...


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UPDATE 11/09/2019: Ships & Fittings for EVE Berlin, along with the bracket and information about teams have been released.

UPDATE 23/08/2019: The sign up page for the tournament at G-Fleet in Berlin is now available.


The EVE Invasion World Tour is taking us to several locations around the globe this year and every event will feature a single elimination 2v2 tournament to find the most bloodthirsty PvPers each region has to offer.

Brave Capsuleers who decide to take on this challenge will be fighting for more than just the title, PLEX and bragging rights. Every winning team from all seven locations will be invited for a paid trip to CCP’s home in Reykjavik to showcase their prowess in battle and compete against each other at EVE Fanfest 2020!

For those of you who cannot directly participate in the competition, we have prepared a Prediction Bracket Challenge. This little contest will let everyone submit their predictions for a chance to win one of five prizes consisting of swag and codes for digital items in EVE Online.

We hope that the EVE Invasion Tournament Series will deliver a solid performance of sportsmanship, destruction and create unforgettable moments throughout the year for all participants and live stream viewers around the world.

To be clear, this series is not designed nor intended to replace or fill the gap made by the Alliance Tournament taking a break in 2019. Rest assured, CCP is committed to carrying on the tradition of yearly Alliance contests in the future that many players get to love.

Invasion Tournament Series blog image

In the meantime, all members of the community who are looking to organize their own tournament are encouraged to reach out to EVE’s community team to discuss ways CCP can support your efforts. We have set aside internal resources to support selected player-organized competitions in 2019 by providing limited Thunderdome support and offering digital rewards to up the stakes whenever possible!

We’re looking forward to collaborating with you and will be evaluating all requests on a case-by-case basis. Please send an email to communityteam@ccpgames.com at least 90 days before the time you wish to host your event and please include dates, format, desired support as well as any other important information about your proposal.

This blog will function as a hub to store all the relevant information about the EVE Invasion Tournament Series like brackets, sign-ups, ruleset and links to forum discussions. Make sure to bookmark this page and keep a close eye on CCP channels for more details.


  • 2v2 single elimination tournament.
  • Best of One (Bo1) bracket with Best of Three (Bo3) Semis and Grand Finals.
  • 32/16 teams limit.
  • A selection of pre-determined ships and fittings that will be different each time and announce 48 hours before the tournament start.


Invasion Tournament Series Blog Table


AMSTERDAM 23-24.03

  1. Ruleset
  2. Sign-ups
  3. 'Find Your Wingman' forum thread
  4. Bracket
  5. List of teams, pilots and waiting list
  6. Ships and Fittings


  1. Ruleset (RU)
  2. Sign-ups
  3. 'Find Your Wingman' forum thread (RU)
  4. Bracket
  5. List of teams, pilots and waiting list
  6. Ships and fittings

SYDNEY 23-26.05

  1. Ruleset
  2. Sign-ups
  3. 'Find Your Wingman' forum thread
  4. Bracket
  5. List of teams, pilots and waiting list
  6. Ships and fittings

TORONTO 21-23.06

  1. Ruleset
  2. Sign-ups
  3. 'Find Your Wingman' forum thread
  4. Bracket
  5. List of teams, pilots and waiting list
  6. Ships and fittings

BERLIN 13-14.09

  1. Ruleset
  2. Sign-ups
  3. 'Find Your Wingman' forum thread
  4. Bracket
  5. List of teams, pilots and waiting list
  6. Ships and Fittings

LAS VEGAS 25-27.10

  1. Ruleset (available 04/10/2019)
  2. Sign-ups (available 04/10/2019)
  3. 'Find Your Wingman' forum thread (available 04/10/2019)
  4. Bracket (available 23/10/2019)
  5. List of teams, pilots and waiting list (available 23/10/2019)
  6. Ships and Fittings (available 23/10/2019)

LONDON 23.11

  1. Ruleset (available 02/11/2019)
  2. Sign-ups (available 02/11/2019)
  3. 'Find Your Wingman' forum thread (available 02/11/2019)
  4. Bracket (available 21/11/2019)
  5. List of teams, pilots and waiting list (available 21/11/2019)
  6. Ships and Fittings (available 21/11/2019)

If youd like to discuss the contents of this dev blog, head on over to the feedback thread on the EVE Online forums!

The last few months of the year are closing in, and that means it's time for EVE Vegas!

If you're coming along this year and want to be part of the player speaker line up, now's your chance to submit a proposal for a slot to speak on stage at The Flamingo Hotel and Casino during this year's event!

There’s a strong tradition of EVE Vegas being a venue where capsuleers present together on the same stage as the EVE Online Development Team, covering a wide range of topics from all kinds of playstyles and walks of life in New Eden.

We’re happy to announce that once again, we’re now accepting proposals for player speakers, so if you’d like to be a part of the line-up, you’ll need to shoot us an email as soon as you can!

If you’d like to submit a presentation or roundtable topic for consideration, you’ll need to email falcon@ccpgames.com with the following information:

  • Your main character name.
  • Your full name and contact phone number.
  • A title and description for your talk proposal.
  • A brief outline of your talk proposal (Feel free to submit more than one proposal).
  • The proposed duration of your talk (This can be anywhere from 15-45 minutes).

All player speakers will receive a complimentary speaker badge for EVE Vegas 2019, and a ticket to the Pub Crawl.

Those who’re selected to present who’ve already bought their ticket to EVE Vegas will of course have the full value of their ticket refunded.

We have already started to work on the speaker schedule for the event, so please send us your proposal as soon as you have an outline ready.

The deadline for proposals to reach us is Friday, September 27th.

Those who’ve been selected to present will then be contact and informed by Tuesday, October 1st and can start preparing their content.


More About EVE Vegas 2019!

EVE Vegas has been a staple North American event on our calendar for a decade or so now, and is a celebration of all things New Eden.

This year is a little special, as it'll be the last time we'll be hosting the event in Las Vegas before taking our largest North American event on the road for the future, with our first stop being San Diego in 2020.

This year's event will be hosted in the Flamingo Hotel and Casino right on the Las Vegas strip, with the Saturday night party hosted at OMNIA over at Caesar's Palace, right across the street.

The event takes place from October 25-27 and is sure to be one hell of a party!

If you’re intending on coming along this year, you should be sure to book your tickets as soon as possible, as they're selling fast.

At the current pace, the event will once again sell out before it kicks off, so be sure to get your tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!

You can pick up your EVE Vegas tickets and find out more here!

If you’d like to discuss this devblog, head on over to the comments thread on the official forums.

Hello wonderful Capsuleers and welcome to the Monthly Security Report for August 2019, where we take a look over the month's activity against botting, RMT and account hacking.

Firstly the raw numbers for the month of August:

  • 994 account bans for account hacking.
  • 4,369 account bans for botting related activities.
  • 2,454 account bans for RMT related activities.

These numbers represent account action taken between 2019/08/01 - 2019/09/01.

Current Focus

For the last month our focus has been on smashing several botting and RMT rings that have been reported to us by the community, as well as monitoring the behavior of suspected botters after the start of the blackout to see if and how the methods used are adapting to the changes that have been made.

We'll be very interested to see what level of impact there will be on botting activities with the release of the cynosural field changes with the September Release on Tuesday, as well as the Venture changes which we hope will have a substantial effect on lowsec faction warfare botting.

We can see by looking at the graph below that a combination of the blackout as well as a renewed focus on hammering these kinds of illicit behaviors into the ground have had a massive impact on the amount of ISK being poured into the economy of New Eden by suspected botters.


What Can You Do To Help?

We'll keep reinforcing this message and stressing it every month - DON'T RMT, AND DON'T GET INVOLVED WITH BOTTING.

The most responsible thing you can do as citizen of New Eden is to say something if you see this kind of activity in game.

Report it to us and we'll investigate and action it as soon as we can.

We will give those involved in botting and real money trading no quarter. Those who harbor these people and profit from it will be stripped of assets and ISK that are gained through illicit means.

By RMTing, or by harboring people who bot and RMT, you’re contributing to the real-life wallets of people who do not care about EVE, or our community. These are people who destroy the accounts of innocent players, in some instances causing irreparable damage to characters and shattering years of progress for legitimate players who play by the rules and just want to enjoy EVE.

Most importantly, if you see botting and RMT happening – REPORT IT.

While we don’t respond to every individual report of botting or RMT, they’re all taken 100% seriously, and are thoroughly investigated for credibility.

Aside from reporting botters and real money trading, the biggest help you can provide is not to give these scumbags any business.

Use Two Factor Authentication!

We cannot stress this enough – we know how much effort goes into character development in EVE Online, and it’s worth the extra login step to protect your accounts from abuse and damage.

Protect it all. Enable two factor authentication on all your EVE accounts, and on the email accounts that are verified against them.

Most hacking cases that we deal with don’t originate from a simple password breach on an EVE Online account – they occur when a player’s email account is hacked, and a password reset request is sent to the email address, which then gives access to your characters and assets.

You can help keep your accounts secure by using 2FA on both your email and your EVE Online account and reduce the risk of becoming a victim of account hacking.

For extra security, you can also make sure you use a mobile authentication token to keep code generation on your mobile device and away from your email accounts.

To make life a little easier, with recent changes it’s also now possible to use one authentication token linked to all your accounts. You can check out more about this change in this devblog, which was also linked earlier in this report.

Final Words:

We're super happy to see that the EVE community remains vigilant against botting for the best part. Keep the reports coming, and we'll keep rooting these guys out as quickly and efficiently as we can.

We remain 100% committed to keeping up the fight against botting, RMT and account hacking in New Eden, and we'll continue to hit these guys as hard as we can while looking at ways to deter them further as best we can.

It can't be stressed enough that while you don't recieve a lot of feedback on individual botting reports right now, every report matters.

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback, so feel free to hit the comments thread for this blog if you'd like to chat more about this blog.


If you'd like to discuss this devblog, please feel free to head on over to the comments thread on the official forums!

Greetings Glorious Capsuleers!

Here's a quick TL;DR in one image that show's what's changing with the September release:


The Long Version:

"What in space are you doing this time around?" you might ask.

Well, this update stems from an improvement made to the graphics engine over the summer which allows artists to author visual effects for EVE based on shader quality specifically. Before now, the functionality was such that certain effects would simply be removed from rendering based solely on which "Shader Quality" was selected in the options, and as such it was purely reductive.

Effect removal (deactivation) on lower settings is still in use, but the team can now author additional visuals (utilizing only what functionality is available at that shader quality setting), which will then specifically load according to the shader quality. It's a subtle difference, but with this ability effects can be mixed and matched so that any given effect might appear only on high and medium, or solely on low, or on any one or two quality combo!

This is great news for EVE's artists, as they really dislike when things look "less than great," a common result of the previous system. This was nowhere as noticeably prevalent as on the low shader quality stars; the revamp of stellar objects pushed far ahead graphically on the high end, but left a lot to be desired on low.

With the ability to author low shader quality versions of EVE visual effects comes the opportunity (and obligation) to update two of the lowest hanging fruit: the aforementioned stars on low quality, which perhaps represent the starkest contrast between good and bad graphics in all of digital gaming when compared to their high quality counterparts, and wormhole visuals, where the intent should be for low shader quality to be as "cheap" as possible with regard to graphics resources and performance but still gameplay-representative. The current low shader quality versions don't display crucial information which is available to those using higher settings.

The September release will reduce these disparities, and deliver some general fixes and improvements for users at all shader quality levels. Below, you will find a list of everything that changes with this feature!

What is changing with star visuals?

Most importantly, we're updating the low shader quality versions of the stars.

The new versions reconstruct how our old stars were made, with a slight bit of polish and increased texture variety.

Then compare it to the old effect:


Solar surface animation speeds increase to give stars a more dynamic appearance.

Stars are no longer "see through" on the inside ...cue playing of "bliiiinded by the light".

(Hopefully one day they will also incinerate anything that gets on their insides, but sadly, today is not that day.)

What's Changing With Wormhole Visuals?

Most importantly, low shader quality versions of wormholes will now show the destination system nebula.

On low shader quality, the center of the hole will display a slightly distorted image of the most identifiable parts of the target system's nebula. While it can be a bit hard to tell what the destination is with some null sec target systems (their nebulas are dark or mostly empty), attentive capsuleers will most likely be able to approximate where in space the destination lies, just as they currently do on high shader quality.

A representative image will be visible for all possible destinations, but you may have to look closely.


Wormhole tech has also been completely renovated under the hood.

There has been a complete conversion of all wormholes from the old EVE VFX structure to the new paradigm. All animations are now run by the fancy state controller system (yay for node based editing!).

Wormhole Field Lines (ship size limit visualizations) have moved from 2d to 3d.

The look of the wormholes' ship size limit visualization field lines was communicative, but they always felt annoyingly 2D and stuck to the camera. This will change for medium and high shader quality users.

Wormhole activation displays more like jump gate effects.

The effect indicating someone has passed through a wormhole has been updated to function in the same way that the jumpgate VFX were updated to last year.

It is now a 1:1 representation of the traffic going through, one ping per entrance, whereas before it would ping for the first ship going through and then be unable to fire again for a while. In the example image below you can see first one ship passing through, and then several all at once.

As before, the animation is the same for ships traveling in either direction.This is also visible on low shader quality.

Wormhole State Visualization

While the age and usage rules for wormholes remain unchanged in functionality, below is a description of how they will appear in their new visual representation.

Wormholes convey three key pieces of gameplay information visibly (the current state of the wormhole for each of these are also described in the "show info" window for each wormhole if you are ever unsure):

  • Age
  • Capacity (Remaining Mass)
  • Ship size limit

Wormhole Age Visual Differences

The age of wormhole is indicated by how bright and wobbly the wormhole appears. The core and field lines of a newer wormhole will appear brighter and more stable, whereas those of a wormhole close to death will appear much more variable and darker.

Wormhole Ship Size Limit Visual Differences

From left to right:

  • Golden field lines: allows all ships except titans and supercarriers to pass through.
  • Grey field lines: allows only battleships and smaller to pass through.
  • Teal field lines: allows only battlecruisers and smaller to pass through.
  • Blue field lines: allows destroyers and smaller to pass through.

WH ShipRestrictions

These visual changes are on the test server now.

Please login, do some exploring, and drop your feedback in the comments thread!

The Dev Team looks forward to hearing what you think!

If you'd like to discuss this devblog, feel free to head on over to the feedback thread on the official forums!

Oh yes, much excitement! It’s time for an event that always knocks our socks off, year after year!

We’re past the halfway mark of the EVE Invasion World Tour and are hurtling toward our last venue in London, but on the way, we have two more incredible cities to visit.

The first of those is beautiful Berlin, a city packed with amazing heritage, awesome EVE Players and of course amazing beer – this is Germany after all!

For the last half decade, Deutschland has been home to one of the most amazing player-hosted EVE Online gatherings on the planet – G-Fleet. Regularly hosted in Dusseldorf, this event has seen incredible success over the years and has grown to be one of the largest and most celebrated events on the calendar.

From parties and presentations in both German and English, to tournaments, charity drives and of course beer pong, G-Fleet has something to offer every type of attendee whether you’re looking for a quiet beer with a few wingmen, or a crazy party where you can raise a glass or ten and sample a multitude of delicious German beers.

The support for G-Fleet that the German community has shown over the years made it pretty much a guaranteed stop on the Invasion World Tour. With an amazing history and super organized event team, it’s been an absolute breeze for CCP to assist in setting up what is no doubt going to be one of the most memorable EVE Online player gatherings on mainland Europe.

If you haven’t got your tickets to G-Fleet 2019 yet and are still thinking about going, you can grab them here! We also have a party only ticket available now too for just €9 if you’re looking just to come down for drinking and socializing during the party itself, as well as Saturday spouse tickets too!


As always, we’re super happy to have CORSAIR with us in Germany for G-Fleet, our sponsor for the whole of the EVE Invasion World Tour and the EVE Invasion Tournament Series, which will see its next round occurring in Berlin.

CORSAIR is generously providing all the hardware that our contenders will be fighting it out on in the 2v2 tournament taking place over the G-Fleet Weekend, and pilots should also keep an eye out for opportunities to win some sweet CORSAIR iCUE RGB Swag!

Screenshot 2560x1440

The EVE Invasion World Tour

It seems like an age ago that we first stood on stage at EVEsterdam and kicked off the World Tour. Since then, events have just continued to get better and better and we’ve met hundreds of capsuleers who are telling us that various legs of the World Tour are their first ever EVE player gatherings.

It’s amazing to be able to see so many new faces showing up to events, and of course to put so many new faces to names that have been part of EVE’s history for many years.

Events in The Netherlands, Australia, Russia, Canada – and who could forget Finland – have broken records for attendance and have hosted some of the most epic get togethers we’ve seen in the history of New Eden.

With three events remaining, including EVE Vegas and EVE London, the event that is historically the largest and most heavily attended player hosted gathering in EVE history, the second half of the EVE Invasion World Tour is shaping up to be monumental.

Tickets are currently on sale for both EVE London and EVE Vegas, so be sure to grab them if you haven’t already.

With this being the final time that we’ll be heading to EVE Vegas before EVE San Diego next year, tickets sales have picked up and historically EVE Vegas sells out weeks before the event kicks off.

Similarly, more tickets for EVE London have sold than G-Fleet after just a weekend of them being on sale – this is unprecedented, so be sure to grab them if you want to avoid disappointment as we’re pretty sure this one may sell out too.


So, Who's Coming?

In terms of CCPers, we’ve got a solid group heading over to talk spaceships with our players, we’ve got a solid core group of seasoned veterans on the way to Berlin, as well as a selection of German speakers too.

While all CCP’s presentation content will be in English, we’ll be making sure that we have a few German speakers on the ground as we feel it’s super important to keep the flavor of a regional event and provide some localized conversation!

We’ll be giving CCP Dopamine a rest after his amazing run of World Tour events (he may still be traumatized from sauna time in Kemn… Finland, so we’re just making sure!)

Here’s a rundown of the CCPers who’ll be with us in Berlin:

  • CCP Curtis
  • CCP Convict
  • CCP Cognac
  • CCP Habakuk
  • CCP Ragnarok
  • GM Karidor
  • GM Huginn
  • CCP Loki
  • CCP BunnyVirus
  • CCP Oracle
  • CCP Tara
  • CCP Falcon

Screenshot 1920x1080

What’s Going On At G-Fleet?

Quite a bit, now that you mention it!

A substantial amount of the presentation content will be hosted on Saturday, September 14th, however there’ll be several sweet events on the 13th as well as chances to socialize with other pilots, grab a drink or ten and watch the first half of the Berlin leg of the EVE Invasion Tournament Series.

You can find the full program for G-Fleet 2019 over on the G-Fleet website - this is where it’ll be kept up to date and most accurate. You can also find details on speakers here too!

Please be aware that the times on this schedule are local times in Berlin, which is UTC (EVE Time) +2 Hours.

While we won’t go through the whole schedule in this blog, let’s look at some of the highlights of what’ll be going on!

Friday, September 13th:

  • 18:00 – Welcome Reception

Join Tarion Usaro, one of G-Fleet’s two principal organizers, and perhaps a couple of CCPers, for a welcome reception to G-Fleet 2019.

  • 22:00 – Even Asteroids Are Not Alone

Join us for a screening of this short documentary and a chat with it’s creator, who charted the lives of fourteen EVE Online players and their stories.

  • 22:30 – The Glorious CCP AMA – G-Fleet Edition!

As always, we’re here to answer questions. Everything from what our favorite food is to why the Thorax looks the way it does. Feel free to shoot your questions to us and we’ll do our best to probably answer them, in a roundabout way.

Saturday, September 14th:

  • 11:30 – EVE Update – What’s Going On In New Eden?

Join us for the main EVE presentation at G-Fleet where we’ll be looking at what’s currently going in New Eden and where we’re headed real soon.

  • 13:45 – Art, What Is It Good For?

War, apparently. We make some beautiful ships and shooty-shooty effects. Come see this presentation by CCP BunnyVirus for more details on what the EVE Online Art Team are currently up to.

  • 16:00 – No Politics, No Drama. Just Fun & Explosions.

Join Nova Valentis for a talk on glorious NPSI (Not Purple Shoot It) activities from Bomber’s Bar, and their fun take on life in New Eden.

  • 17:00 – Epic Stories From The EVE Universe

The amazing Andrew Groen returns to another EVE Online event for a talk on some of the most epic stories in the history of New Eden. As a fully-fledged video game historian, he’s been charting the history of EVE for some time now, and has some amazing stories to share!

Screenshot 1920x1080

The EVE Invasion Tournament Series

Who’s next?

We’ve got winners from Amsterdam, Sydney, Toronto and St. Petersburg. Will you be joining them to fight it out for the title of World Champion at Fanfest 2020?

Only way to find out is to participate.

The EVE Invasion Tournament Series will be following us to Germany for the fifth 2v2 single elimination tournament that will crown winners for Berlin.

The lucky pair of pilots will be joining us at Fanfest 2020 to fight it out for the title.

You can find out more about the EVE Invasion Tournament Series in this blog!



For those who can’t make it to Germany, we’ll be livestreaming all the highlights of G-Fleet so that you can catch up with all the action on the CCP Twitch Channel.

The amazing team from Streamfleet will be with us on site in Berlin for filming and livestreaming that will see the main elements of the event streamed for those watching at home.

Keep an eye on the CCP Twitch channel for more information!


Charity Fundraising

G-Fleet 2019 will support Die Arche, a German charity local to Berlin that assists Children in getting the best start in life regardless of their background.

An amazing choice of charity that was selected in a vote by members of the EVE Community!

You can read more about the charity here, and more about how G-Fleet will be raising funds here.

Screenshot 2560x1440

Boy are we looking forward to heading to Germany.

There’s less than two weeks to go, and we know that it’s going to be a crazy and epic two days of beer, spaceships and good times.

If you don’t already have your tickets and still want to come along, then be sure to head on over to Eventbrite page and grab them as soon as you can.

We can’t wait to see all you guys when we arrive in Berlin!


If you'd like to discuss this dev blog or the new office, feel free to do so in this comments thread.

If you'd like to submit an entry to the contest, please use this thread, which is only for contest entries!

As part of GM Week, we announced the start of a contest on August 20 for pilots to assist us in naming meeting rooms in the new headquarters that we’ll be moving into during winter 2019/2020.

Right now, the meeting rooms in our current building on Grandagarður are named after our expansions, however we wanted to put a different twist on our new building and allow our amazing pilots to have an impact on the environment we’ll work in.

If you’re interested in learning more about the building we’ll be moving into and where future expansion and content for EVE Online will be produced, you can head on over to the website for the new building that the developer has set up at Gróska.is.

Results Of Round One!

The results of round one are pretty clear, although there was a lot of heated discussion about what category we should go for, which was a selection from the following:

  • Ship Class Names
  • Solar System Names
  • Region Names
  • Constellation Names

Ship class names came out on top by a substantial margin!


You can check out the full voting thread and discussion here.

How Does Round Two Work?

So, we’re going with ship class names. This means our meeting rooms will end up with names like Avatar, Erebus, Zealot, Deimos and so forth.

We’re looking to collect the names of 30 ships, as this is around the maximum number of meeting rooms that we’ll have in the new building.

From there, once we have the spaces finalized, we’ll assign these names to rooms.

This means that all 30 might not end up being used, but we’ll use as many as we can depending on the space we allocate as meeting rooms.

The Contest!

What do we need from you, and how do you enter?

It’s quite simple. We’ve got a second forum thread set up and we want you to nominate ship names.

The instructions are simple, you need to post in the thread with the name of the ship type you want to nominate – but there’s a twist.

With the name of the ship type you want to nominate, you need to submit a short description of WHY you’re nominating this ship type. This can be a short story about an experience you had in that ship type, a snippet of information on why you love to fly the ship, or something similar.

The text should be around 100-125 words, so that it’s not too long and easy to read.

If you don’t submit this along with the name of the ship, then your entry won’t count, so be sure to give context for why you’re selecting the ship type that you are.

Why The Text?

We want our community to have a lasting impact on the building that we’re going to be working in. Stories from our players provide inspiration and good vibes for staff at CCP, so we’d like to have as many as possible on display around the building.

Right now, our current office has panels like the on the walls inside each meeting room, and the name of the meeting room on the glass outside:


The new building will have something similar, with a twist.

On the outside of the meeting room, we’ll have the name of the room (the ship class), and in smaller text below, the name of the player character that selected the name of the meeting room.

Inside on the panel, we’ll have the name of the meeting room, some kickass artwork of the ship and the pilot’s name and avatar, along with their story, printed so that everyone who uses the meeting room can read it and enjoy it.

How Do I Submit A Entry?

We need to provide some very clear and concise rules for this contest to make it fair, so here’s a list of things you’ll need to do.


  • Text must be between 100-125 words.
  • Minimal amounts of profanity, please!
  • In character context will earn you bonus points but isn’t a requirement.
  • If you want to make multiple submissions, create one post for each for ease of tracking.
  • Any posts that are not valid submissions to the contest will be removed from the thread.

Running Time And Prizes:

The contest begins as of this post, and submissions close at 00:00 on 2019/10/01.

The winning 30 entries will be announced at EVE Vegas 2019, with a follow up blog post confirming the winners.

Of course, winners mean prizes, so here we go. Each of the 30 winners will receive the following:

  • 1500 PLEX
  • A printed physical copy of the artwork that will go on the panel in the room.
  • This printed copy will be signed by the EVE Dev Team.
  • We’ll also include a digital, unsigned copy of the artwork too.

The prizes will be delivered in two stages.

The PLEX will be delivered once we return from EVE Vegas 2019, on or before 2019/11/01, and the artwork will be mailed to winners in early 2020 (during Q1 or Q2), once we’re moved into the new building and have settled in.

The Technical Stuff!

Given that this is a contest, all our base rules apply, in addition to the following points:

  • No purchase is necessary to enter or win.
  • There is no limit on the number of submissions you can make, but you can only win one prize.
  • Your character name must not offend human decency nor get CCP sued, the determination of either being in CCP's sole discretion. If CCP cannot use your name, it reserves the right to choose whatever inoffensive name it so desires.
  • Your entry must be submitted in the contest thread, and must be formatted correctly as per the example.
  • The contests runs from today to 00:00 on 2019/10/01
  • Winners will be announced at EVE Vegas 2019 and via blog for confirmation afterwards
  • Prizes are subject to change and will be awarded at CCP’s sole discretion.
  • Prizes may be taxable depending on your local laws. All taxes are your responsibility.
  • CCP employees are not eligible.
  • CCP is not responsible for lost, late, misidentified or misdirected entries, or computer performance, errors, delays or failures.
  • If, for any reason, the fairness or integrity of the contest is questioned, or CCP's administration or fulfillment of the contest becomes impracticable, CCP reserves the right to terminate or modify the contest, and to disqualify any individual who tampers with the registration process or the administration of the contest.
  • Any and all disputes arising out of, or in connection with this contest will be handled on an individual basis and in accordance with the laws of Iceland.
  • Contest void where prohibited or restricted by law, and all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.

    - CCP may use your physical and/or e-mail address to contact you regarding CCP’s services and other offers and/or contests.

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We’re super happy to announce that we’ve just passed the milestone of 800 ticket sales for EVE Vegas 2019, with the event is shaping up to be one of the most epic we’ve ever hosted.

This year we’ll be heading to the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, right at the heart of the famous strip for an awesome celebration of all things internet spaceships.

Forming one of the cornerstones of the EVE Invasion World Tour, EVE Vegas 2019 will be packed with presentations, roundtables and content, as well as additional events for pilots to sink their teeth in.


Additional Events

Since no one lost limbs or heads during the axe throwing event at EVE North, (although we did find out that Steve Ronuken is DANGEROUS), we’ll be looking to host another bout of throwing sharp objects at wood in Vegas.

Tickets will be on sale for this soon, along with tickets to the Friday night Pub Crawl. That’s right, we’ll be heading out on a full-scale pub crawl again this year, once again taking a trip into downtown Las Vegas to enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of Fremont Street and the surrounding area.


Party At OMNIA

One of the most anticipated parts of EVE Vegas is always the traditional Saturday night party. For the last couple of years we’ve hosted this at Drai’s Beach Club & Nightclub, however this year we’re going to be moving the celebrations directly across the street to OMNIA – the incredible nightclub at Caesar’s Palace!

We’ll have one of their largest and most comfortable rooms secured for our pilots to enjoy, as well as the rooftop terrace bar that overlooks the Las Vegas strip.

There’ll be open bar service for most of the night, with drinks flowing and music playing for pilots to relax, mingle and enjoy talking internet spaceships.


Exclusive EVE Invasion World Tour Permaband Set

We’re also delighted to announce that we’ll have an EVE Invasion World Tour exclusive Permaband performance at EVE Vegas 2019, with the Permaband crew taking to the stage at OMNIA for a performance in celebration of New Eden, the community, and the amazing stories that you guys continue to write.

And yes, the artist formerly known as CCP Guard will be joining us for the performance in Vegas!


EVE Invasion World Tour Tickets

Tickets for EVE Vegas 2019 are already on sale and tickets for additional events will be available very soon as we start to finalize the schedule and get the last parts of organizing the event completed.

Tickets for G-Fleet are also still currently on sale, which takes place September 13 & 14, and tickets for EVE London, the final stop on the EVE Invasion World Tour calendar will be available toward the end of this week.


Invasions, Tours & The Future

We’ve learned a lot while hosting the EVE Invasion World Tour this year and it’s been amazing to see so many new faces at events given that we’ve hosted official CCP gatherings in so many places over the course of 2019.

The key takeaway for us from the World Tour is that it’s amazing to switch things up, try new things, and visit new places. It’s been great to take a deeper look at the community and get insights from different areas of the world. It’s also awesome to see how different cultures across the globe change the approach our community has when playing EVE.


Europe - 2020

We’ll be returning to the incredible Harpa for Fanfest 2020 next year from April 2 – 4 and with everything we’ve learned from the world tour, there are a few more changes that we’d like to make to next year’s line-up of events.

The first change we’d like to make is to include an official Russian event on the roster for 2020. Visiting St. Petersburg with an official event this year as part of the World Tour was amazing and it was fantastic to see so many of our Russian players come out to talk spaceships, raise a few (large) glasses and party.

Next year we’re going to move the fun to Moscow – the heart of the Russian Federation – and we’d like to invite all our Russian speakers to come along for the ride. Seeing the enthusiasm and passion for EVE that our Russian players has pumped us up in a big way, and this is a part of our community that’s been under represented in our official events framework for too long.

We want to change that – so we’re looking forward to visiting the Russian capital next year.

We’ll also be looking to support events across Europe in 2020 as we have done over the course of previous years and would love to see event organizers continue to reach out to us – there’s some amazing heritage in our events line-up that we’d love to continue to promote.


North America - 2020

One of the largest changes we’ll be making to the events roster in 2020 will be how we choose to focus on North American events.

Visiting Toronto for EVE North was incredible, and there are a whole myriad of events in the United States that are springing up in support of internet spaceships.

We want to visit more of North America so that we can reach out to more of our US and Canadian player base, so for 2020 we’ll be transitioning away from Las Vegas and heading to another city in the US.

EVE Vegas has been an incredible ride. It kicked off more than a decade ago as a fantastic player created and hosted event which saw developers arrive on the scene and start attending in 2013 – more than a dozen of us in fact!

Since then, it’s grown year on year consistently and we’re confident that EVE Vegas 2019 is going to be the biggest and best yet!

That said, what we’ve seen with the World Tour is that we’re able to meet much more players by visiting more locations. We’ve been bringing the beauty of an EVE event to more players than ever, and we’ve also had the opportunity to gain a better understanding of various EVE communities. We want to keep that theme going, so it’s time to switch things up, and we’ve decided to make a hop right over to the west coast and host in San Diego for our 2020 North American event.

We’ll be going for a different vibe of course, given that we’re going to the south west of the US. There’s a heavy density of EVE players in the area, so we’re expecting something awesome.

Over the course of the last few weeks we’ve made a scouting trip out to California, looking at several hotels and venues. We’re pretty excited by what we’ve seen so far, and plans are already starting to form for a 2020 west coast event.


Global Events In 2020 & Beyond

Of course, we’ve already mentioned the US, Europe and our amazing Russian community, who we’ll be visiting in 2020. There are also events in other areas of the world – for instance, Australia, where we’ve had an awesome string of events over the course of the last half decade. Depending on how events in other parts of the world shape up as we roll into the New Year, we’ll be more than happy to lend a hand and despatch some developers to come talk spaceships.

Event organizers should be sure to get in touch with us to see how we can assist.


North America – The Future

Even though we won’t be hosting an official event in Vegas in 2020, we’re aware of the importance of EVE Vegas and the love that some of our players have for it.

We’re more than happy to support the gathering going forward if there are any pilots who feel like they’d want to continue to organize an event on the strip as part of our incredible group of community organizers and hosts. We’ve already reached out to some volunteers, to give them a heads-up on this announcement.

Away from Vegas, the EVE Invasion World Tour has taught us that shaking things up and trying new things is always fun, so in 2021 we’ll be looking for another city to host our major North American event. From there, we’ll keep switching things up as we go forward!

Regardless of the changes that are coming up, we’re super stoked for EVE Vegas 2019 as well as the rest of the EVE Invasion World Tour as we rock toward the finale in London toward the back end of November.

If you haven’t already grabbed your tickets for EVE Vegas then be sure to do so, you can pick them up here.

Tickets are also still on sale for G-Fleet. You can find them here, along with more information about the event.

Tickets for the grand finale of the EVE Invasion World Tour at EVE London will be available in a matter of days too, so keep your eyes on the EVE Community news feed for more details!

We’re looking forward to seeing many of you at the rest of the events this year and raising a glass!


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All images in this blog can be clicked to enlarge them for better viewing.

We’re super happy to announce that as of 05:00 EVE Time this morning, a new version of the EVE Portal app for EVE Online is now available – called EVE Portal 2019.

The app is free to download from both the App Store and Google Play store and has been rebuilt from scratch in house here at CCP.

You can grab it here:

App Store DownloadGoogle Play Download

If you’re viewing this on your PC, then feel free to scan this QR code with your phone for a link directly to the relevant store page where you can grab the app with just a couple of taps.


Alternatively, you can search for EVE Portal 2019 in the app store of your choice. We’re not simply updating the old version of Portal due to various technical reasons (more detail below), which is why we needed to have a different name!

We’ve been waiting anxiously to release this version of the app – and we wanted to get this into your hands now – so you can help us try it, break it and thus improve it. We want to work with the community to make EVE Portal as good as it possibly can be, and feedback both from EVE players at CCP and from the CSM has already helped shape the first iteration.

What's Different?

When we released the first version of EVE Portal a couple of years back, it missed the mark with a lot of our pilots and didn’t provide enough features to compete against the myriad of player designed third party apps out there, some of which are pretty incredible.

We’ve always been committed to EVE Portal since we released it in November 2016, but we understand that there were a lot of basic features that were missing from the original version.

Since taking development of the app in house, we’ve been considering player feedback on the original app, looking at what the community has been asking for the most in terms of features, and working toward an initial feature set for the launch of a new version of the app.

This new version of the app is rebuilt from the ground up using an entirely new framework, which is going to allow us to open the window into EVE wider than ever before and allow more access to Tranquility from your mobile device.

A New Framework?

We kicked off a project internally last year called “EVE Portal 2”, tasked with taking a fresh approach to developing a new version of Portal in house rather than outsourcing it to a third party.

The first thing to look at was what kind of a framework to use when developing the app.

We had the option to build with native frameworks, which would make the app lighter, faster, very easy to develop and maintain, but would restrict the future of Portal to being only a “companion app”. For now, it remains a companion app, but we're hoping that in future that may change.

When considering what we want Portal to be – a conversation that was based heavily on community feedback from the original app, we decided to build the app with a game engine instead – which leaves the option open for us to explore gameplay features within the app in future.

The new version of EVE Portal is built in Unreal 4, an engine that CCP has started to use across multiple projects and has become pretty familiar with in recent years.

One downside of this is of course that as a game engine, if its latest features are to be utilized to their full potential, we have to stick to a recent engine version, which means that Portal will not continue to be compatible with some older smartphones that the old version of Portal can support.

2019? What’s In a Name?

Given that we’re building the new version of EVE Portal in a completely different engine, it’s not possible for us to simply release the new app as a build update for the original, so for now we’re going to name the new version “EVE Portal 2019” until we phase out the old app and remove it’s SKU from the Android and iOS stores.

We’ll then rename the new app to “EVE Portal” once this transition is complete.

So, What’s Actually New?

Let’s take a look at the features in the first iteration of the new EVE Portal and have a quick rundown of what’s available.

Well, firstly we’ve got a spiffy new loading screen, along with a completely redesigned user interface and user experience that will hopefully make it feel more like an EVE Online app.

On top of that we’ve added new audio, so there’ll be some familiar sounds and music while you’re using it – these can be disabled though if you prefer a more sneaky-cloaky mobile experience.


The main central screen for the app is a new homepage that’s been introduced for your character, where you’ll be able to see new mail, skill training progress and calendar events, as well as check on what’s going on in New Eden with news and articles.

There’s also a handy character switch option at the top of the screen that’ll let you switch between the characters you have logged into the app, as well as a clock that’s always displaying EVE Time (UTC).


When you start adding your characters, you’ll see a screen that’s familiar to anyone who logs in. No need for API keys here or any other complicated madness – just log into the app the same as you would on a desktop with your username and password, authorize the character you want to use, and you’re good to go.

You can authorize one character from your account or hit the add character button again and add multiple characters from the same account if you want to keep tabs on them all.

They’ll all show up in the character list and you’ll be able to switch between them through the “Character Switch” option on the homepage.


If you want to find out more about your character, you can click the character portrait on the home page, and this’ll take you into the first version of the mobile character sheet.

There’s the basics there in terms of information right now – we refer to this as “EVE Passport 1.0” and we’re planning to evolve this by adding more information to it in future.

You can see your current corporation, skill point count, wallet and PLEX balance, security status, home station and current ship.

At the top there are also two additional tabs, these list your jump clones and their locations, as well as the implants in your current clone, and a map that shows the current balance of your attributes and how they’re being affected by your current implant set.


Of course, since this new version of EVE Portal is still designed to keep you in touch with pilots across the cluster, we’ve retained the EVEmail and Calendar features – both also redesigned from the ground up.

They’ve also been brought up to date with new dark UI and the same new tabbing system used throughout the rest of the app.


The Calendar is now also accessible via a few different routes. You can either go to “More” and click the calendar there or click a calendar related message in your feed on the home page to be taken directly to your calendar from there.


We’ve also made some pretty cool updates to push messages too with EVE Portal 2019.

Since most pilots have multiple characters and they’re all receiving notifications, it could get pretty confusing to tell which character was receiving a notification in the old version of the app.

We now have personalized push – by looking at the message, you’ll be able to see which of your characters is receiving the push notification.


With EVE Portal 2019 we’ve also introduced a built in New Eden Store, so that you can browse and purchase SKINs, apparel and services on a per-character basis should you want to do so.

You’ll still need to purchase PLEX from your desktop PC, but once you have PLEX in your vault, you’ll be able to grab your favorite SKINs directly from your mobile device if you want to.

Skill Training

Now let’s talk about skills and skill training.


The number one requested feature that was wanted in the original version of EVE Portal was mobile skill management.

So, we’ve done it. We’ve developed a mobile version of skill management that’s part of EVE Portal 2019.

It doesn’t cover the full range of features just yet, but all the basics are in there and we’d love to hear what you guys think.

Right now, you can:

  • Add new skills to your queue.
  • Remove skills from your queue.
  • Re-order your skill queue.
  • Buy and inject new skills from the market.
  • Apply unallocated skill points to injected skills.
  • Pause and start your skill queue.

Allowing read and write access to Tranquility like this is a big step forward for EVE, and we’re looking to do a lot more of it in future.

Please note however, that we’ve taken a lot of factors into consideration when deciding to allow this – particularly skill farming activities that occur in New Eden – and after a long internal discussion within CCP and some consultation with the CSM, we will only allow Omega pilots access to the skill management features for now.

Alpha players will still be able to browse skills and skill queues, but this will be in a read only mode.

And Finally…


What you can’t find on the dock at the bottom of the app, you can find under the EVE shaped “more” hamburger menu in the bottom right of the screen.

In the future, we’d like to expand this menu with a lot more features, depending on where we decide to take the app and of course what features we choose to introduce.

Let's Build This Together!


As you can see from this screenshot, we’ve also added a survey – we’d love your feedback on the new version of the app, and we’d love to hear more about what you want from EVE Portal in terms of features and suggestions for improvements.

The community’s feedback has been instrumental in us taking the first steps to a new, more up to date and accessible mobile app for EVE Online, and we want to continue to work with our pilots to make it as good as we possibly can.

Our EVE Portal team over at CCP Shanghai have been working super hard on putting the first iteration of the app together and would love to hear feedback, suggestions and comments on what you’d like to see going forward.

Download the app by clicking the links at the top of this blog, scanning the QR Codes or searching for “EVE Portal 2019” in your app store.

Try it out, and hit the survey button, or leave us some feedback in the comments thread for this dev blog – we’d love to hear what you think and work with the community to make EVE Portal better than ever before.