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UPDATE 21/03/2019: EVEsterdam tournament bracket, together with the ships and fittings have been made available. Everyone can also now start sending their predictions via Challonge page. Please see the links below. In addition, ECM Jammers have been added to the Grand Finals fitting restrictions list.

UPDATE 06/03/2019: Rules have been modified to include additional 5 mins before each match/series for players to update their hotkeys.


The EVE Invasion World Tour is taking us to several locations around the globe this year and every event will feature a single elimination 2v2 tournament to find the most bloodthirsty PvPers each region has to offer.

Brave Capsuleers who decide to take on this challenge will be fighting for more than just the title, PLEX and bragging rights. Every winning team from all seven locations will be invited for a paid trip to CCP’s home in Reykjavik to showcase their prowess in battle and compete against each other at EVE Fanfest 2020!

For those of you who cannot directly participate in the competition, we have prepared a Prediction Bracket Challenge. This little contest will let everyone submit their predictions for a chance to win one of five prizes consisting of swag and codes for digital items in EVE Online.

We hope that the EVE Invasion Tournament Series will deliver a solid performance of sportsmanship, destruction and create unforgettable moments throughout the year for all participants and live stream viewers around the world.

To be clear, this series is not designed nor intended to replace or fill the gap made by the Alliance Tournament taking a break in 2019. Rest assured, CCP is committed to carrying on the tradition of yearly Alliance contests in the future that many players get to love.

Invasion Tournament Series blog image

In the meantime, all members of the community who are looking to organize their own tournament are encouraged to reach out to EVE’s community team to discuss ways CCP can support your efforts. We have set aside internal resources to support selected player-organized competitions in 2019 by providing limited Thunderdome support and offering digital rewards to up the stakes whenever possible!

We’re looking forward to collaborating with you and will be evaluating all requests on a case-by-case basis. Please send an email to communityteam@ccpgames.com at least 90 days before the time you wish to host your event and please include dates, format, desired support as well as any other important information about your proposal.

This blog will function as a hub to store all the relevant information about the EVE Invasion Tournament Series like brackets, sign-ups, ruleset and links to forum discussions. Make sure to bookmark this page and keep a close eye on CCP channels for more details.


  • 2v2 single elimination tournament.
  • Best of One (Bo1) bracket with Best of Three (Bo3) Semis and Grand Finals.
  • 64 teams limit, apart from EVE Russia and EVE London which will have 32 teams limit.
  • A selection of pre-determined ships and fittings that will be different each time and announce 48 hours before the tournament start.


Invasion Tournament Series Blog Table


AMSTERDAM 23-24.03

  1. Ruleset
  2. Sign-ups
  3. 'Find Your Wingman' forum thread
  4. Bracket
  5. List of teams, pilots and waiting list
  6. Ships and Fittings


  1. Ruleset (available 13/04/2019)
  2. Sign-ups (available 13/04/2019)
  3. 'Find Your Wingman' forum thread (available 13/04/2019)
  4. Bracket (available 02/05/2019)
  5. List of teams, pilots and waiting list (available 02/05/2019)
  6. Ships and fittings (available 02/05/2019)

SYDNEY 23-26.05

  1. Ruleset (available 02/05/2019)
  2. Sign-ups (available 02/05/2019)
  3. 'Find Your Wingman' forum thread (available 02/05/2019)
  4. Bracket (available 21/05/2019)
  5. List of teams, pilots and waiting list (available 21/05/2019)
  6. Ships and fittings (available 21/05/2019)

TORONTO 21-23.06

  1. Ruleset (available 31/05/2019)
  2. Sign-ups (available 31/05/2019)
  3. 'Find Your Wingman' forum thread (available 31/05/2019)
  4. Bracket (available 19/06/2019)
  5. List of teams, pilots and waiting list (available 19/06/2019)
  6. Ships and fittings (available 19/06/2019)

BERLIN 13-14.09

  1. Ruleset (available 23/08/2019)
  2. Sign-ups (available 23/08/2019)
  3. 'Find Your Wingman' forum thread (available 23/08/2019)
  4. Bracket (available 11/09/2019)
  5. List of teams, pilots and waiting list (available 11/09/2019)
  6. Ships and Fittings (available 11/09/2019)

LAS VEGAS 25-27.10

  1. Ruleset (available 04/10/2019)
  2. Sign-ups (available 04/10/2019)
  3. 'Find Your Wingman' forum thread (available 04/10/2019)
  4. Bracket (available 23/10/2019)
  5. List of teams, pilots and waiting list (available 23/10/2019)
  6. Ships and Fittings (available 23/10/2019)

LONDON 23.11

  1. Ruleset (available 02/11/2019)
  2. Sign-ups (available 02/11/2019)
  3. 'Find Your Wingman' forum thread (available 02/11/2019)
  4. Bracket (available 21/11/2019)
  5. List of teams, pilots and waiting list (available 21/11/2019)
  6. Ships and Fittings (available 21/11/2019)

If you'd like to discuss this devblog, feel free to do so in this thread over on the official forums.

Yesterday, as part of GDC 2019, our incredible community teamed up with pilots from across the globe, coming together to be part of something ground-breaking, and absolutely unbelievable.

At 17:30 UTC the floodgates were opened. True to their tenacity and thirst for destruction, capsuleers swarmed to access the first EVE: Aether Wars deathmatch. The initial result was an all too familiar swamping of login servers that delayed the start of the playtest by around 30 minutes or so.

This alone is a prime example of the commitment that our pilots have when it comes to helping us break stuff and stress test, especially when it comes to helping shape the future development of EVE Online.

Hadean’s engineers were on the situation in minutes and once the issues were resolved the fight became a live part of GDC 2019 as thousands of pilots massed to duke it out in a free for all deathmatch designed to push Hadean’s Aether Engine to its limit.

AAR 01

With attendees watching at GDC and the EVE community’s very own Manic Velocity streaming on the CCP twitch channel, chaos ensued and kills racked up by the second. If you missed the stream you should check it out on our twitch channel and see how crazy things managed to get.

And what a way to kick off GDC 2019. 3,852 players from across the globe battled it out for an hour in EVE: Aether Wars, with AI clients eventually joining the fight to peak the overall ship total on grid to 14,274. The number of concurrent users peaked at 10,412 including AI, an unprecedented number that helped Hadean gather a huge amount of data on performance and stability.

This is an absolutely huge milestone for the Aether Engine, and for the EVE: Aether wars project between CCP and Hadean.

AAR 02

Of course, this wouldn’t be an EVE after action report without a few statistics, would it?

Let’s take a look at a few!

Over an hour-long playtest, we saw:

  • 3,852 human pilots engage in glorious internet spaceship combat.
  • A total of 14,274 pilots engaged in combat including AI pilots.
  • A peak concurrent battlefield population of 10,412 pilots, including AI pilots.
  • A peak concurrent population of 2,379 human pilots on the field.
  • A total of 88,988 ships destroyed (I’m so proud of you guys!)
  • A colossal 14,710,908 torpedoes fired. ALMOST FIFTEEN MILLION.

The numbers really do speak for themselves, and we couldn’t be prouder of our Capsuleers and all the pilots who joined us for some good old-fashioned spaceship brawling.

This was an unprecedented event, and we can’t thank the community enough for your support and dedication to helping this partnership between Hadean and CCP get off to an explosive and kickass start.

There’s going to be more playtesting in future and there’ll be more chances to get involved with helping to shape the future of large-scale virtual worlds, so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for more information in the coming weeks and months.

AAR 03

For now, it looks like the battle of 9-4RP2 retains the Guinness World Record for the most concurrent players simultaneously involved in a single multiplayer PVP video game battle. Given the initial success of the first EVE: Aether Wars deathmatch, who knows how long that will last.

We’d like to offer huge thanks to all our pilots who took part, from both everyone here at CCP and our friends over at Hadean, who are currently chewing through mountains of data provided by the playtest.

It bodes incredibly well for the future of EVE Online to see so many of our pilots actively engaged with testing software that could have huge benefits for New Eden in the years to come.

Thanks again, and we hope to see you in the next playtest!

# o7

EVE Forever

Greetings Pilots,

The second summit for the democratically elected 13th Council of Stellar Management took place February 18-21 at CCP headquarters in Reykjavik. Today we are pleased to share the meeting minutes from the summit that will provide you with a summary of everything that happened during these intense four days.

For those new to the CSM process, the CSM is elected for one year and summits are held twice a year. Members of the CSM are flown to Iceland for a week of meetings with EVE Online teams and management. The purpose of these summits is to give ourselves a chance to sit down and do a deep dive on developing features, ideas and issues, with representatives of the EVE community.

The content of each summit is a mix of CSM-requested topics and topics CCP schedules to get feedback on designs and projects.

Releasing detailed meeting minutes from each summit is our way of providing as much transparency to the process as possible, and to give everyone more insight into the realities of developing the greatest gaming universe ever created in co-operation with our amazing community.

This was also one of the most productive summits in the history of the CSM! Big thanks to all 10 CSM members for their professionalism, constructive criticism and active participation during each session. The result of their invaluable input can already be seen in the upcoming balance changes, and that is only the tip of an iceberg of changes that they influenced.

We have opened a forum thread where you can discuss the contents of these minutes with fellow Capsuleers.


If you'd like to discuss this devblog, feel free to do so in the comments thread over on the EVE Online forums!

Glorious capsuleers,

The time is almost upon us to kick off the longest and most crazy chain of events in the history of EVE gatherings.

That’s right, next weekend the EVE World Tour begins in Amsterdam, with the inaugural event – EVEsterdam 2019!

Right now, we’re working feverishly here at CCP headquarters to put the finishing touches on the event, and we’re happy to say that we can now reveal a whole pile of information about what’s going to be happening at EVEsterdam this year.


A New Sponsor Appears!

We’re delighted to announce that we have a new sponsor who’ll be joining us for EVEsterdam 2019.

As a long-term fan of their peripherals, I’m super stoked and proud to announce that CORSAIR will be sponsoring EVEsterdam 2019, providing hardware for hosting the Invasion World Tour Tournament at EVEsterdam as well as all manner of goodies as prizes and giveaways for our livestreaming efforts.

We’re super happy to have CORSAIR on board and who knows, maybe we even stand a chance of shedding some glorious RGB color and light on the dark, dystopian world of New Eden!

Screenshot 2560x1440

The EVE Invasion World Tour

The first of many, EVEsterdam forms the start of a chain of events that will see internet spaceships travel the globe, reaching more players than ever before.

This year we’ll be taking the celebration of all things New Eden on the road, visiting all the locations in the image above on the dates displayed.

We can’t wait to get out there, give you more information about what’s coming to New Eden, raise a glass or ten and talk shop about all things internet spaceships.


So, Who's Coming?

We’ve got a substantial list of devs that are coming out to Amsterdam for this event, check out the list below for more details!

Some regular faces and some newbies who’re experiencing their first ever EVE related event (be gentle with them!)

  • CCP Curtis
  • CCP Ruffige
  • CCP Guard
  • CCP Dopamine
  • CCP Tara
  • CCP Goodfella
  • CCP Bjorn
  • CCP Oracle
  • CCP Burger
  • CCP Grendel
  • CCP Lulli
  • CCP Psych
  • CCP Bartender
  • CCP Fozzie
  • GM Archduke
  • CCP Ghost
  • CCP Falcon
  • CCP Knight

image (Sorry Bam, this image never gets old <3)

What’s going on?

EVEsterdam marks the start of the EVE World Tour, and to kick things off we’ll be revealing some of our plans for 2019 and giving more details of what’s coming up throughout the year for EVE Online.

We’ll also have a little more information on what’s coming up in later World Tour events and the whole thing will be livestreamed, so if you can’t make it, you won’t miss any of the action.

(Well, apart from the partying and shenanigans, so you should totally come.)

The Program

The EVEsterdam program is now set, so here’s a list of sessions that’ll be occurring over the course of the two-day program.

Please be aware that all times are local time in Amsterdam, which is one hour ahead of EVE Time (UTC).

Day one 1920x1080

(Click to enlarge!)

Day One – Saturday March 23rd

  • 10:00 (09:00 EVE Time) – Doors Open – Registration

Meet up with your wingmen, grab a drink, and grab your access pass!

  • 11:30 (10:30 EVE Time) – EVE World Tour Opening Ceremony

CCP Falcon, CCP Guard and CCP Dopamine kick off the EVE World tour with the EVEsterdam Opening Ceremony

  • _12:30 (11:30 EVE Time) – Lunch _

Nom nom nom?

  • 13:30 (12:30 EVE Time) – EVE Keynote

The EVE Keynote for EVEsterdam will be hosted by CCP Burger, Creative Director for EVE Online. Come along to find out more about what's coming up in 2019 for New Eden.

  • 14:30 (13:30 EVE Time) – The EVE Dev Team Variety Hour

Join CCP Fozzie for a presentation discussing some of the features and improvements coming soon to EVE Online. This presentation will provide updates on the ongoing work in the areas of game balance, war declarations, quality of life, and more!

  • 15:30 (14:30 EVE Time)– Running Red vs Blue Fleets

Red vs Blue director Zenn Tsai talks about how to run fleets, especially in the context of the Red vs Blue eternal war.

  • 16:30 (15:30 EVE Time) – 3rd Party Developer Panel

Check out this panel for questions and answers on all things third party development with CCP Bartender and CCP Fozzie.

  • 17:30 (16:30 EVE Time) – The Agency & Activity Tracker Panel

Come along to this panel for more information on the Activity Tracker and The Agency, as well as a sneak peak of some updates that are coming soon.

  • 21:00 – Drinks @ EVEsterdam

The first night of EVEsterdam will see devs and players relax at the EVEsterdam venue, with an open bar for several hours before many attendees no doubt head into town for more shenanigans and coffee!

Day two 1920x1080

(Click to enlarge!)

Day Two – Sunday March 24th

  • 10:00 (09:00 EVE Time) – Doors Open

Breakfast? Recovering from drinks?

  • 11:30 (10:30 EVE Time)– Gaming Addiction – Management & Prevention

Jeff's personal story on unhealthy gaming habits, how to spot it and how to stop it from getting out of hand.

  • 12:30 (11:30 EVE Time) – Lunch

More nom nom nom.

  • 13:30 (12:30 EVE Time) – Incredible Data, Incredible Experiences

Come along to this presentation to explore how EVE forms such deep and meaningful connections for its pilots. CCP Ghost will share some insights into the EVE machine that deal with behaviors, wars, elite players, friendships and incredible stories that break the boundaries between the EVE Universe and reality.

  • 14:30 (13:30 EVE Time) – The Glorious CCP AMA – EVEsterdam Edition

This is probably a really bad idea, but come along and ask questions anyway. This session will be a free form AMA with all the devs attending EVEsterdam who're brave enough to answer questions about their favorite flavor of ice cream, most embarassing EVE moment or most loathed ship. What could possibly go wrong?

  • 15:30 (14:30 EVE Time) – EVEsterdam Invasion Tournament Series Final Stages

These two hours will be reseved for the final stages of the Invasion Tournament Series at EVEsterdam, where a lucky pair of pilots will be victorious, winning a trip to Fanfest 2020!

  • 17:30 (16:30 EVE Time) – EVEsterdam Closing Ceremony

The saddest part of any event is always the closing ceremony. Come join CCP Falcon, CCP Guard and CCP Dopamine as we look back on EVEsterdam and cry about having to head back to a barren rock in the North Atlantic.

  • 21:00 – The Friendship Cruise

Drinks, hundreds of Capsuleers. A boat. Really, what could possibly go wrong?


The Invasion Tournament Series

The Invasion Tournament Series will be following the EVE World Tour around the globe for events at most of the locations on the World Tour schedule.

The first 2v2 single elimination tournament will be at EVEsterdam this year, with the lucky winners securing a place to duke it out at Fanfest 2020 for the title of World Champions.

The winners of the EVEsterdam leg of the Invasion Tournament Series will win a trip to Fanfest 2020 so that they can fight for the crown live in Reykjavik next year.

For full details of the Invasion Tournament Series and to find out more about signups and rules, head on over to the Invasion Tournament Series devblog, by CCP Dopamine.


The Livestream

We’re incredibly proud to once again be partnering with Streamfleet, an amazing group of capsuleers from across the globe who’ll be assisting with the hosting of our livestreaming efforts for the whole of the EVE World Tour this year.

The whole EVEsterdam presentation and panel schedule will be streamed live on the CCP twitch channel, with additional content and interviews during breaks for lunch at the EVEsterdam venue.

Stay tuned to the CCP twitch channel for more details on the EVEsterdam livestream and check out the schedule below!

Stream Day one 1920x1080

Stream Day Two 1920x1080

Centraal Station Pier 14 (003)

The Friendship Cruise

Hundreds of capsuleers. Many drinks. One boat. What could possibly go wrong?

To round out EVEsterdam we’ll be taking all attendees who’d like to come along on a Friendship Cruise on the majestic waters of Amsterdam.

We’ll board the Friendship starting at 20:15 at Pier 14 beside Amsterdam Centraal Station, then at 21:00 we’ll set sail and host a party on board.

We expect to be back at Amsterdam Centraal by 22:45 or so, allowing pilots to disembark at this time, or spend through until midnight on board to continue the party.

This party is at no extra cost to attendees – as soon as you have your ticket for EVEsterdam, you’re automatically welcomed on board!

Screenshot 1920x1080

We’re looking forward to welcoming hundreds of capsuleers to EVEsterdam this year and are working closely with the original organizers and founders to make sure that the event stays as awesome as ever.

It’s going to be amazing to be back at an event that has continued to grow and evolve since its inception more than half a decade ago, so if you haven’t already picked up your tickets, then be sure to head on over to the EVEsterdam Eventbrite page for more details on how you can grab them today!

We’ll see you there!


CCP Falcon On Behalf Of The EVE Invasion World Tour Team

If you'd like to discuss this devblog, feel free to head on over to the feedback thread on the official forums!

Greetings Capsuleers,

In this blog we're going to cover some big changes coming for balance this April and also tell you about our plans looking forward to the Summer.

Our main focus for spring is capital balance. Capital balance has always been a challenge, swinging from periods where capitals are dominant and oppressive to ones where they don't deliver on the great aspiration and investment they represent. Since the major rework in Citadel, which was meant to put power back in the hands of capital pilots, it's become clear that we over-shot our goals in several areas. Capital have become an all-in-one answer to most of EVE's obstacles.

The CSM has been very helpful in helping us zero-in on the biggest problems being created by EVE's biggest ships. The two biggest issues we want to try and improve are:

  • At very large scales fights feel frustrating due to the power of Force Auxiliaries. Despite recent changes to FAX they are still powerful enough to negate enormous amounts of firepower, preventing many super-capital kills from every taking place. This is especially punishing for the losing side who may not get any kills at all even after throwing every dread in the hangar at the enemy fleet.
  • Capital damage application and projection is suppressing sub-capital viability across the game. Even though we want capitals to be extremely powerful, it's crucial that sub-capitals have a role to play at every scale. At the moment, this is not the case.

So, for the changes described below, this is what we are hoping to accomplish. More satisfying fights even when large logistics support is present and increased sub-capital viability. The changes below are not a one-and-done fix, we will need to make improvements from several angles over several patches, but we hope this is strong start in the right direction.

image Artwork by Rixx Javix

Let's Start with Force Auxiliaries and Tank Scaling

Change: We are planning to introduce a new diminishing returns system for the effectiveness of all remote repair and capacitor transmitter modules.

This type of system is something we have wanted for a long time and have investigated more than once in the past. Thanks to big improvements under the hood over the last few years, such as brain in a box, we are now able to pursue such a system without crippling performance costs.

The specifics of the new system are a tad complicated, but the concept is simple enough and with a few graphs it should be easy to understand what to expect. We will be adding a modifier to any ship being targeted by remote assistance. This modifier will then be applied to reduce incoming reps as they stack up. The modifier is adjusted based on the cumulative rep per second on the target ship at the time the repair is applied. The more repair per second you are receiving, the less effective additional repairs will become. The reason we set the diminishing returns relative to the total rep being applied is to ensure someone can't use small repairers to cancel out your FAX fleet. The flipside to this is that the amount of diminishing returns you experience will change depending on scale. For now, capital scales will feel the change much more significantly than sub-cap logistics.

This new feature will be applied to all remote armor repair, remote shield boosting, and remote capacitor transfer effects, but we expect capital scale remote repair and shield boosting to be the areas effected most strongly with the numbers set as they are now. Let's do some graphs:

Here is a picture of the % effectiveness of each additional FAX rep (based on roughly 1600 rep/sec being produced by each Apostle rep in Triage) on the same target during the same cycle:


And here is the actual amount repaired by each additional rep in orange with the old, unpenalized value in blue:


Some easy to read examples from this graph:

  • By the 15th rep added (around the 5th FAX) your reps are still 80% effective.
  • Your reps hit 50% effectiveness at about 38 reps applied (10 or 11 FAX).
  • With 150 capital reps on one target (45 or so FAX) you get a little less than half the total repping power you would have before the change.

Because the modifier amount depends on the actual rep amount being applied, rather than the count of reps active, cruiser sized logistics are less effected by diminishing returns:


And total rep amount with unpenalized comparison:


And for the same reason cruiser sized reps diminish more slowly, you won't be able to sabotage enemy fleets by flying up to rep them with small repairers. You can see this here where the first few reps used are FAX sized, then 25 small reps are used, then more FAX reps are added. The second group of FAX reps are still over 90% effective, as they would have been if the small reps were never added:


We are excited to have new levers to use when balancing the role of logistics and other types of remote assistance in the future. We can make changes to the formula to move it towards effecting sub-capitals more, or capitals less, or other configurations entirely. Your feedback will be crucial here so please let us know what you think, and if there's more information you need to draw conclusions.

On to Sub-Capital Viability

There are many offenders when it comes to sub-capital oppression. Most of them have to do with extremely high damage application from big ships towards small ships. Also, added utility from fighters has made sub-capital life harder as well as taking over roles that formerly belong to sub-caps. We want to improve the situation with changes to the capitals themselves but also with added roles and utility for subcapitals. The recent line of Triglavian ships are a good example of improving sub-cap viability without capital nerfs. Let's look at some capital changes.


High Angle Weapons are a huge perpetrator here, especially when used by large groups of Titans. Easily putting out 5k damage per second each, HAW Titans are too strong and too flexible, so we want to tone down HAW power for Titans while leaving them strong for Dreadnaughts, which aren't nearly as problematic as Titans at the moment.

Change: Reduce damage multiplier for all High Angle Weapons by 50% and give a corresponding 100% increase to HAW damage from Siege Mode.

This will leave HAW Dread dps where it is now, while dropping HAW Titan dps by half.


Next up is Carriers and Super-Carriers

At the moment Carriers and Super-Carriers will often out-damage sub-caps against targets of any size even without support. We want to make changes that lower the power of unsupported fighters against smaller ships, but reward pilots that bring support to help tackle targets.

Change: Increase explosion radius for all fighter attacks by 15%. Reduce explosion velocity for all fighter attacks by 30%.

This will lower damage application against all smaller targets but will allow pilots compensate by bringing extra tackle to slow down their targets. We hope this makes defanging efforts and general sub-cap presence feel more balanced around fighters.

Along with the changes to fighters, we want to add more risk to using the very powerful Networked Sensor Array by disallowing ship warp while the NSA is active. The extremely high locking speed is very powerful, especially for PVE or in combination with Sirens for PVP, and this will add another layer of risk to using it.

Insurance Changes

Speaking of added risk, we aren’t happy with how inexpensive insured capitals are to lose. We want large ships losses to mean something and the current affordability of insured FAX and Carriers especially has a lot to with the dissatisfaction of fighting them.

Change: We have adjusted the insurance contract cost and payout multipliers for many ship classes, with larger T1 ships generally receiving lower multipliers than smaller ships. This change will be most significant on supercarriers and standard capital ships, which will see their insurance contract costs and payouts reduced by approximately 50% and 33% respectively.


Sub-Capital Balance Updates

We also have a hefty set of sub-capital changes in this patch, including some changes aimed at giving new life to laser platforms. We also have some small adjustments for a few of EVE’s biggest performers to help make room for new options.

Medium Beam Lasers

  • Optimal Range increased 10%


  • Powergrid increased to 1550 (was 1425)


  • Bonus to Large Energy Turret damage increased to 7.5% per level (was 5%)


  • CPU increased by 25

Caracal Navy issue

  • Drone bay and bandwidth increased to 25m3


  • PG increased to 53 (was 48)

Vexor Navy Issue

  • Bonus to Drone Max Velocity removed
  • Signature radius increased to 145 (was 135)


  • Drone HP role bonus reduced to 250% (was 500%)


  • Max Velocity reduced to 145 was (150)
  • Mass increased to 14250000 (was 13250000)
  • Agility reduced to .66 (was .63)
  • Signature Radius increased to 325 (was 295)



Rorquals are extremely powerful mining foreman ships, and their combination of power, utility, and defense has been crowding out other mining ships and leading to an unsustainable amount of mineral supply for the EVE economy. We’ve been seeing numerous requests from the community for us to reduce the power of Rorquals and this April we’re planning a few changes to tone these behemoths down a bit.

These first two of these changes are intended to reduce the power of the Rorqual’s defenses in order to make them easier to kill

  • Reduce the bonus to shield booster amount provided by the Industrial Core to 60% T1 Industrial Cores and 75% T2 (was 120% and 140% respectively)
  • Reduce the base duration of the PANIC module to 4 minutes, up to 6 minutes with max skills (was 5 minutes base)

The next three changes impact the super-powerful excavator mining drones themselves. We’re planning to reduce the base yield of the excavators as well as increasing their volume so fewer can be fit into a single mobile depot. The drone bay on the Rorqual will be increased by the same percentage to compensate.

  • ‘Excavator’ Mining Drone base mining yield decreased to 800m3 (was 1000m3)
  • ‘Excavator’ Ice Harvesting Drone base cycle time slowed to 310s (was 250s)
  • Excavator drone volume increased to 1100m3 (was 750m3) and Rorqual dronebay volume increased to 8800m3 (was 6000m3)

At the same time we are also planning to buff the power of the Rorqual’s mining foreman bursts to help out the players who are flying Rorquals alongside smaller mining vessels.

  • Increase the bonus to mining foreman burst strength provided by the Industrial Core to 30% for T1 Cores and 36% for T2 (was 25% and 30% respectively)

We’ll be watching closely to see how these changes impact the mining landscape in nullsec and the distribution of mining ships used, and we’ll be ready to make more tweaks if needed to either buff or nerf the Rorqual and encourage a healthy EVE economy.


Balance Roadmap Headed For Summer

We have a lot more on the way, starting in May. The May release will be focused on new ship and module content, rather than changes to existing balance. You can expect at least one new ship and some other new toys. More details coming on those very soon!

In July we are planning to introduce some long-anticipated implant sets. We also will be picking up where we left off with module tiericide efforts, which have been on the backburner for a while now.

And of course, this is not all we have planned for capitals or for improving game balance in general, but we would love to hear your thoughts on these changes as well as any other changes you think are needed. Please comment in the thread attached to this blog or let us know what you think on your favorite social media platform.

Thanks, and fly safe,


...oh, one last thing, we're also looking into modernizing our marketing material, lore updates and NPE to meet current trends:


If you'd like to discuss this devblog, feel free to head over to the comments thread on the official forums.

This is the Monthly Economic Report for February 2019.

The raw data that makes up this report can be downloaded here. (25.70MB)

All graphs in this report can be enlarged by clicking on them.

0 produced.vs.destroyed

1 regional.stats

2 destruction.value.by.region

2 destruction.value.by.region bar

3 mining.value.by.region

3 mining.value.by.region bar

3 npc.bounties.by.region

3 npc.bounties.by.region bar

4 production.value.by.region

4 production.value.by.region bar

5 trade.balance.m3.by.region

5a trade.balance.by.region

6 trade.value.by.region

6 trade.value.by.region bar

6 trade.value.by.region barforge

6a contract.trade.value.by.region bar

7 imports exports

8 net exports

9a sinksfaucets

9a1 faucets breakdown

9aa services breakdown

9aaa top.sinks.faucets.over.time

9b isk.float.3

9c velocity

9d economy.indices

9d economy.indices.short

9ea index.decomp.ConsumerPriceIndex

9eb index.value.decomp.ConsumerPriceIndex

9fa index.decomp.MineralPriceIndex

9fb index.value.decomp.MineralPriceIndex

9ga index.decomp.PrimaryProducerPriceIndex

9gb index.value.decomp.PrimaryProducerPriceIndex

9ha index.decomp.SecondaryProducerPriceIndex

9hb index.value.decomp.SecondaryProducerPriceIndex

destroyed value (sqrt)

peak concurrent players

stargate jumps

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Greetings capsuleers of New Eden,

It's been a while since I wrote a dev blog and I thought it would be good to use my first one in some time to talk to the intrepid capsuleers of New Eden about some collaboration CCP is involved in that will hopefully chart a path to the next major revolution of the EVE technical-genome.

This is something that has been slowly coming together for about a year now and is about to have its first public moment in a couple of weeks. It’s a tech demo called EVE: Aether Wars and the aim is to make radical and drastic improvements to the technical infrastructure that power our internet spaceships.

For the first phase and potentially more, we have partnered up with Hadean, a UK-based tech company. These guys are on the cutting edge of developing the next generation of operating systems, completely based in the cloud with the potential for unprecedented scalability. You can read more about Hadean and their super ambitious vision for cloud based operating systems over on their website here.

At the same time as exploring exciting new avenues to improve the performance of EVE, we also need to stay grounded in the here and now. You can rest assured that we are also planning shorter to mid-term changes to improve the current state of EVE´s technical foundations, as you can read in the 64-bit blog that was released by the EVE Dev Team last week.

After a super-productive summit with the CSM, we’re also developing plans to address key community concerns including capital balance (and balance in general), wealth distribution, war declarations and the abundance of ISK faucets in New Eden. We will of course also be continuing the never-ending war on botting and RMT and are currently in the process of setting up a sizable internal taskforce to look at botting in more depth.

You’ll hear more about short to mid-term plans over the course of the next few weeks and months via dev blogs and announcements at EVE Invasion World Tour events, so stay tuned for more details.

EVE Forever

The partnership with Hadean is about more drastic, fundamental changes and is currently in the domain of cutting-edge tech research and development. Given that it’s still in its early stages, it’s not possible to put any timeframe on at this point, or even if the various attempts will work out the way we want them to. I do believe though, that this type of activities will be huge steps in the process of making sure that EVE really is forever.

Watching you guys setting the Guinness world record last year was a bittersweet moment for me. On the one hand, watching the stream on Twitch and everything surrounding it left me in awe of the amazing social engineering mastery it takes to pull something like this off. You guys have spent decades honing your skills in this and this peak moment was a true testament of the ingenuity and cohesion of the EVE community. On the other hand, it was also the final nail in the coffin of a tech architecture we put together in 2002 when I was CTO of CCP.

While we have done a lot to keep up with you guys and there is still some progress we can make, if we want to realize the dream of 10,000+ pilot fleet fights then we need to accept that the current hamsters simply won’t do. We have developed new services in the past few years as micro-services outside EVE’s foundation framework (which is written in Stackless Python); but the core of New Eden is still full-mesh nodes in a super-computing cluster, where each node is a monolithic single-threaded application.

Shortly after 9-4RP2, I coincidentally met up with Craig and Rashid of Hadean. I have met a lot of smart people over the past decades attempting to tackle the problem of building cutting edge foundations for large scale virtual worlds, but nothing has really passed my filters. These guys were able to do so, and after a year of advising and knowledge sharing with them (e.g. CCP & Hadean - What Happens When Gaming Pioneers Meet Tech Pioneers!), we are taking the leap to see if the tech holds up.

So, I would like to invite you all on this journey with us as we start working together with the EVE: Aether Wars tech demo. There is no better gaming community on Earth to take on this monumental and ground-breaking mission. Our pilots are always at the forefront of treading new ground and you’re always happy to crush whatever challenges we throw your way!

EVE: Aether Wars tech demo

Later this month at GDC 2019 we will run a technical test to see if we can get 10,000 EVE internet spaceships fighting on Hadean’s Aether engine. If you'd like to participate, then sign up by simply visiting aetherengine.io/pvp-10k and providing your info.

Be warned though, what you will be experiencing is not a game, it´s not even a prototype of a game. This is the raw Aether engine with EVE spaceship assets and some interaction dynamics, which are nothing like EVE Online or EVE: Valkyrie. CCP is providing our visual assets for use in the Aether Engine, enabling Hadean to focus on addressing the challenges we face with large-scale online multiplayer environments. This will almost certainly blow up if you guys show up in force, so please do because R&D is about breaking things!

Imagine this like putting internet spaceships and the Aether engine into a particle accelerator and you are the force that will smash them together, break them into a billion pieces and from that we will find the next step and chart a path together to a new reality for EVE.

EVE Needs You! - Come Join Us For The Battle!

As previously mentioned, at GDC 2019 there will be a technical test to see if we can get 10,000 spaceships fighting on Hadean’s Aether engine. If you'd like to participate, then sign up by simply visiting aetherengine.io/pvp-10k and providing your info.

We'd like to see as many EVE players there as possible!

It’s been a long and epic journey to have EVE Online match the ambitions and ability of its amazing player base. We’re constantly fighting the unwinnable war to support our community's ingenuity, tenacity and love for New Eden.

We’ll have more information soon about this test, so stay tuned!

We’d love for you all to take this small step with us and make it a giant leap for EVE!

CCP Hellmar

If you'd like to discuss this devblog, feel free to head on over to the feedback thread on the official forums!

At EVE Vegas 2018, we announced that work had begun on the transition to a 64-bit client. We’re now happy to announce that this project is seeing rock solid progress and we’re aiming for a Q2 2019 release.

The aim of this project is twofold – continued investment in the future of EVE Online with regular technical upgrades, as well as efforts to ensure that New Eden remains as visually stunning as ever, on the cutting edge of what’s graphically possible for an MMO (when you’re not playing in potato mode).

Right now, the audio and graphics team are deep in the testing phase in preparation for a public test on March 5th, which is when you’ll be able to get your hands on the 64-bit client for the first time by connecting to the Duality test server.

We’re super excited about the move to a 64-bit client as it represents a key modernization moment in the development of EVE Online and is substantial milestone in our drive to move with industry standards and continue to streamline our development maintenance costs.

With the switch to a 64-bit client we have decided to drop support for the 32-bit client, given that only around 0.5% of our pilots are currently playing on 32bit operating systems and the cost to support both architectures isn’t where we want to invest our development time.

To facilitate the switch to 64-bit client architecture, we’ll also be looking to change the minimum requirements for EVE Online. The nature of 64-bit applications means that they utilize more memory. As such, we’ll be increasing then minimum memory requirements for EVE Online from 2GB to 4GB when we release the 64-bit client.


DirectX 12

As we continue to invest in the future of one of the most iconic and beautiful sci-fi MMOs, we need to lay the groundwork for future technologies.

We’re excited to announce that our engine team have started work on the substantial task of providing DirectX 12 capabilities for EVE Online.

Switching to DirectX 12 will give us a huge increase in bandwidth to utilize more modern advances in graphics technology to continue to make New Eden more stunning than ever before. With DirectX 12 we’ll be able to use technologies such as DirectX Raytracing, and will be able to invest more time into overhauling effects, environments and visual feedback in EVE Online to provide an even richer and more immersive experience for all our pilots.

Since 2016, we’ve hinted at the eventual sunsetting of DirectX 9, and more recently we reset EVE Online’s default DX API to DirectX 11 to gauge how many of our pilots would switch back.

The results of this experiment coupled with the decision to invest in continued future proofing by moving to DirectX 12 means that we’ve made the decision to sunset our support for DirectX 9.

The date for the sunset of DirectX 9 will of course be tied to the release of the DirectX 12 client, which will be announced at a date to be decided in the future.

The transition to a 64-bit client will of course come first, but you can expect us to keep you updated on progress of the transition to DirectX 12 after that via dev blogs and more information at EVE World Tour events during 2019.

The release of a DirectX 12 client will mean that all pilots will need a DirectX 11 capable graphics card as a minimum requirement to play EVE. We understand that this is a leap from a DirectX 9 capable card for some of our pilots, and we’ll be sure to give at least six months of notice before the transition to DirectX 12 so that there’s ample preparation time, should hardware upgrades be needed.

Mac Users

One question does of course remain – what about those pilots who’re playing on the Mac client? Fear not! We’re currently working with our partners to ensure that all the above also applies to the mac client too. We’ll have more information for our mac users as soon as we’ve made more progress with the Mac client and are ready to talk more about transition plans for those playing on macOS.

Come Help Us Test!

As we mentioned earlier in the blog, we’ll begin public testing of the 64-bit client on Duality, on March 5th.

We’d love to have as many pilots as possible helping to make sure that everything is running smoothly and providing feedback on performance and any issues that might be encountered.

We’ll have more information on how to connect to Duality and how to get involved once testing commences.

For now, if you have any feedback or comments, then we’d love to hear from you all in the comments thread for this blog.

That’s it for now – we’re looking forward to seeing many of you on Duality next week.

Fly safe!

_o7 _

If you'd like to discuss this devblog, feel free to head on over to the feedback thread on the official forums!

Hello warlike capsuleers!

Today we are happy to be able to bring you another dev blog discussing the ongoing improvements to EVE Online’s war declaration system.

If you’ve been following the last few months of EVE’s development then you’ll already know that we are in the midst of a major overhaul of war declarations with the goals of encouraging the sorts of wars that provide entertaining conflicts between corporations and alliances while reducing the number of situations where players experience a lack of viable choices or feel forced into avoiding joining player corporations entirely.

We deployed a first round of changes in the December 2018 release, and since then we have been watching and listening to player reactions, evaluating options for next steps, and discussing our early plans with the CSM. We are now ready to start gathering wider community feedback on our wardec development plans for the rest of the spring.

These plans build upon the changes released last December, and include a sequence of improvements to be deployed across the patches in March, April, and May of this year.

The current schedule is:

December 2018

  • War Eligibility (Delivered)

March 2019

  • War loophole and bug fixes

April 2019

  • Removal of neutral assistance

May 2019

  • War Headquarters
  • War cost simplification
  • Improved mutual wars
  • War UI improvements

December Changes - War Eligibility

The focus of our first round of changes released last December was to give players more opportunities to control their exposure to the war declaration system without needing to stay in NPC corps. Since December all corporations/alliances that own at least one structure in space are considered “war eligible”, and groups must be war eligible to participate in the war declaration system as either an attacker or defender. All the details of these changes can be found in the dev blog we published on December 6th.

Since the release of these changes last year we have been watching closely to see how they have impacted the game and how the community has been experiencing them. The feedback on these changes we have been hearing from the community has been tentatively positive, with a lot of players waiting to see what the follow up pass will contain. On the metrics front, we also have some evidence for cautious optimism. For some areas of investigation we will need significantly more data before drawing conclusions, but there are some areas where we can see a clear impact.

One of the constant frustration points among both sides of war declarations has always been the lack of conflict seen in many wars. As much as possible we want to encourage the types of wars that will generate pvp rather than one or both sides staying docked.

We still have significant room to improve in this area, but the December changes which ensured that both sides of every war must have a vulnerable structure somewhere in space to defend have caused a clear improvement. We have seen a significant rise in the percentage of non-mutual wars that get at least one pvp kill in a given day.


The number of total pvp kills across all wars has also gone up, but that particular number is strongly influenced by the current Perimeter trade hub conflicts so we don't consider it to be a reliable indicator of the impact of the December changes (at least until we get data from a substantially larger period of time).

We have also been aiming to remove any barriers preventing new capsuleers from joining player corporations and alliances. We don’t want to force players to join corporations if they don’t feel interested, but as EVE players ourselves we know from experience how much a good group of allies can improve the game.

Any time a new player who wants to join a corporation gets blocked from that goal by some aspect of the game we consider that a missed opportunity and a problem that should be fixed. As such, we consider the recent increase in the percentage of new players (not including alt accounts) joining a corporation in their first three days to be a good sign.


The December changes were only the start of this project, but we are cautiously optimistic that they may have been a positive step forward. Our current plan is for the upcoming war declaration improvements coming this spring to build upon the December changes.

March Changes - Loophole & Bug Fixes

The upcoming March release will include some of the highest priority fixes intended to close unintended loopholes that allow players to gain short-term immunity from certain war declarations. These loopholes are currently disrupting warfare over high value assets in highsec and we want to get them cleaned up in a timely fashion.

“Headfake” fix

The first of these loopholes is one that we have referred to as the “headfake” trick internally. There are a few ways for corporations to get themselves into this situation but the end result is always a corporation intentionally getting itself into an expiring war against a specific opponent and then using the 24 hour warning period of any newly declared war as a period of planned invulnerability to deploy a structure.

The sequence goes like this:

  • Corporation A uses one of several methods to intentionally get itself into a war with Corporation B that is declared invalid for any reason and then enters its 24 hour cooldown period.
  • Corporation A deploys an Upwell structure in highsec during this 24 hour war cooldown. Although shooting is allowed during the 24 hour cooldown, Corporation A counts on the fact that Corporation B cannot find their new structure within the 15 minute initial deployment vulnerability.
  • Immediately once the old war ends, Corporation B re-declares a new war against Corporation A
  • This new war requires 24 hours to take effect, during which time shooting is not allowed. This means that Corporation B cannot shoot Corporation A’s new structure when it finishes deploying and enters its onlining vulnerability period.
  • Corporation A has successfully used a loophole in the war declaration system to protect their new structure’s crucial onlining vulnerability period from a specific opponent.

To close this loophole we are changing some of the mechanics around the 24 hour cooldown period at the end of wars.

After the March release, either side of a war that is within its 24 hour cooldown period can choose to declare a new war instantly to replace the old one. This new war is subject to the same billing and eligibility requirements as any other war, but instead of starting a 24 hour warmup period it will begin instantly with shooting allowed.

Since both the attacker and defender of this new war will already be able to shoot at each other thanks to the old war, there is no need for the 24 hour warning period.

If the scenario described above were to occur after these changes Corporation B could declare a new war during the 24 hour cooldown of the old war (once the deployment of the new Upwell structure makes Corporation A war eligible again) and freely shoot Corporation A’s new structure during its onlining vulnerability period.

“War Inversion” fix

Another unintended loophole in the war declaration system is something that we refer to as the “war inversion” trick. This loophole allows a corporation to essentially switch sides of a war, turning a defensive war into an offensive war through joining and leaving an alliance under specific conditions.

This sequence for this loophole is:

  • Corporation A has received a war declaration from Corporation B
  • Alliance C declares a war against Corporation B
  • Corporation A joins Alliance C
  • The previous war between Corporations A and B (with B as the attacker) is ended and Corporation A is now part of a new war against B where their alliance is the attacker
  • Corporation A leaves Alliance C, and is involved in a new war against Corporation B where A is the attacker and B is the defender
  • TL:DR

To close this loophole we are preventing corporations that are defenders in an active war from joining an alliance that is the attacker in another active war against the same group attacking the applicant corporation.

Rare war immunity bugfix

In this same release we are also fixing a more obscure and irregular bug that would sometimes cause a corporation to become immune to wardecs until downtime. This one isn’t as easy to reliably reproduce or exploit because it depends on some specific configurations of random server node allocations behind the scenes but it would occur rarely and sporadically from a player perspective and when it occurred it would often be confused with the other two issues listed above.

All three of these fixes are running on our Singularity test server right now, and are scheduled for deployment to the live Tranquility server with the March release in a few weeks.

April Changes - Removal Of Neutral Assitance

Following the round of high priority loophole closures and bugfixes in March, we are also prepping a set of changes to the mechanics around highsec “neutral assistance” for the April release.

Removal of neutral assistance

Under current mechanics, if a neutral character applies a remote assistance module (such as a remote repairer) to another character they can receive a suspect flag if their target meets all of the following conditions:

  1. is involved in a war (including normal wars or FW)
  2. does not share a corp/alliance (or FW side if the war in question is the FW war) with the assistor
  3. is engaged in PVP (has a capsuleer logoff timer)

As well, area of effect command bursts currently apply to every member of a pilot’s fleet that is within range, without distinction for whether those fleet members are at war.

In both of these cases, the resulting gameplay can be frustrating and unfun as combatants cannot effectively engage neutral repair ships until they activate their modules and cannot engage neutral command bursting ships at all without incurring CONCORD’s wrath.

Recently the bulk of the community feedback we’ve been seeing on these particular issues has been in favor of making direct changes to remove these tactics.

After the April release, the penalty for direct targeted neutral assistance meeting the conditions above AND occurring within highsec will become a criminal flag and CONCORD response. The safety system will prevent the activation of the targeted assistance modules under these conditions, so we suggest that support pilots in highsec engage their safety at either green or yellow levels to prevent unintentional CONCORDOKKEN.

For area of effect command bursts we are approaching the problem a little differently as you may want to continue boosting the members of your fleet that are not involved in a war. Therefore, after the April release neutral command bursts will simply not affect a pilot that meets the conditions listed above when activated in highsec space.

The increased penalty for neutral targeted assistance will also apply to limited engagements (such as those caused by duels) but for performance reasons we won't be preventing command bursts from applying to pilots in limited engagements.

Neither of these changes impact assisting your corpmates or alliancemates in a war (since you’re in the same war as them), and neither of these changes apply to lowsec (the penalty for targeted neutral assistance in lowsec will continue to be a suspect flag just like today).

May Changes

The most significant and expansive of our upcoming changes are currently planned for the May release. The May changes are intended to provide clearer and more specific goals for defenders in war declarations, as well as improve the clarity, understandability, and user experience around all aspects of war declarations.

War Headquarters

After the May release, whenever a corporation or alliance declares a non-mutual war they will be required to select a specific Upwell Structure (only including Upwell structures with docking facilities, not FLEX structures) they own somewhere in highsec space.

This structure will be designated the “War HQ” for the war. If the War HQ leaves space for any reason (such as unanchoring or destruction) the war becomes invalid and will enter its 24 hour cooldown just as it would if one side lost their war eligibility or if the attackers fail to pay the war bill. If the corporation that owns the War HQ leaves their alliance, the war involving the alliance will enter the 24 hour cooldown and the new war spawned between the leaving corporation and the target will continue to be valid.

If a war ends due to the War HQ going away, the former attackers will be unable to declare a new war against the same former defenders for two weeks. This enforced peace is fairly similar to the one that occurs after a war surrender, with the one major difference that it will not prevent the former defenders from declaring a new war against their former attackers.

Corporations or alliances with multiple outgoing wars may choose to spread out the War HQs for their wars across multiple structures or use the same structures as HQs for multiple wars as they wish. It will not be possible to change the War HQ once a war has been declared. War HQs are required for the attacking side of a war, but they are not required for defenders (defenders will continue to need to be war eligible) or allies.

The identity of the War HQ structure for a war will be public information available in the war report window as well as sent directly to the defenders when the war is declared as a reminder.

The primary intent of these changes is to provide a specific and clear goal for defenders in a war. They have the option of choosing to attack the attacker’s War HQ, hiring mercenaries to take the structure down for them, or banding together with other organizations to help them defeat the attackers.

For attackers, the War HQ can serve as a way to attract PVP engagements. They will know that the HQ will likely be a primary target for their opponents and can plan their defense appropriately. We hope that these changes will build upon the ones in December and earlier in the spring to help encourage the kinds of wars that provide real conflict rather than pure evasion.

Wars that are active before the May release will continue to operate without a war HQ for a set grace period, after which they will become invalid and will need to be re-declared under the new rules. The length of this grace period is still being decided and we’ll keep you all up to date as we get closer to the May release.

War cost simplification

As part of our ongoing efforts to remove unnecessary complexity from EVE, we are also planning a fairly straightforward change to the weekly war bills for non-mutual wars. The current war cost formula is:

  • Weekly Cost = (log N / log 1.675)^2 * 300000 * N^0.26815

where N is the number of characters in the defending corp/alliance, and with a minimum cost of 50m isk per week and a maximum cost of 500m isk per week.

The currently planned formula after the May release is:

  • Weekly Cost = 100 million isk

which is a lot easier to calculate in your head. Not coincidentally, 100 million isk is quite close to the average war bill over the past few months.

Beyond the simplification benefits, this change will push the incentives slightly towards declaring war against larger organizations which we hope will combine with these other changes to encourage more PVP and destruction in New Eden’s wars.

Improved Mutual Wars

We are also planning a major set of improvements for the process of starting and managing mutual wars. Currently starting a mutual war requires one side to begin an offensive war and then the defending side to make the war mutual. This means groups need to deal with aspects of war eligibility and costs at the start of a mutual war even though those elements stop mattering once the war has become mutual. We want to make the process of running mutual wars as smooth and understandable as possible, and to reach this goal we are splitting mutual wars into their own UI with a unique process for starting and ending the mutual wars.

After the May release, mutual wars will be started through an invitation and acceptance process similar to how corp/alliance applications work. One corp or alliance will be able to send invitations for a mutual war to other corps or alliances and the organization that receives the invitation can choose to accept or decline the offer. Mutual wars will not require any ISK costs, war eligibility, or War HQs.

Either side of a mutual war will be able to retract the war at will, triggering the standard 24 hour cooldown before shooting stops. Mutual wars will also continue to end automatically if no PVP kills have occurred between the two sides in the last 90 days.

War UI improvements

We are also planning a series of improvements to the war declaration UIs in the May release. These changes are still at an early stage so we don’t have any pictures for you yet, but we’ll keep you updated as we get closer to the release.

We are currently planning a UX pass on the “wars” tab in the corporation window, an improved user flow for declaring wars, a rework of the war report UI, and UI elements to indicate when you are in a war in case you’ve forgotten since you received the notification.

It’s been a while since the various war declaration UI elements were refreshed so we hope to make some significant improvements in this area over the coming months.

The April and May releases will also contain more bug fixes and small tweaks as we work towards the best war declaration system possible. We want to give a special thank you to all the players who have been submitting bug reports when they encounter issues with the war declaration system. Your bug reports have been invaluable in tracking down and solving wardec issues in recent months and we will continue to put special focus on the wardec bug reports between now and May.

We want to hear from all of you in the feedback thread for this blog. Let us know how you’ve been experiencing the results of the December changes and what you think about the changes planned for this spring!

Keep passing along your opinions through the forums, social media, your CSM representatives, and in person at World Tour events. The community’s feedback has played a major part in the development of these plans so far and that absolutely will continue.

As I mentioned above, the collection of loophole fixes slated for the March release are available for testing on the Singularity test server right now and we encourage all of you to poke holes in them and let us know what you find. We’ll be continuing to keep you updated on the progress of this plan in the coming months as well as informing you of changes we make to the plan along the way.

Thanks for following along with today’s dev blog, and good hunting!

If you'd like to discuss this devblog, feel free to head on over to the feedback thread on the official forums!

Hello, wonderful Capsuleers!

Today we’re happy to present another devblog on upcoming changes, with this one focused on a system that absolutely every pilot in New Eden utilizes on a regular basis – the skill training system.

Changes to training you say?


The dev team have been looking at some of the more complex systems that new players encounter during their first few hours in New Eden, with the objective of simplifying some of the flow and allowing easier access and understanding.

In addition to this we’d also like to improve the level of convenience for veteran players wherever we can too, so these changes also have established pilots in mind with the objective of making skill purchasing simpler and more convenient.

Why change skill training?

Training itself will remain the same, with skillpoints accrued over time that are fed into a specific skill to improve specialization in a given field.

The change to the system involves how pilots acquire the core skills that they train. We’re calling this new method of obtaining core training “Skills on Demand”.

New pilots are often confused by having to use the market to buy a new skill to train. The system is difficult to understand and requiring knowledge of a secondary system – the market – to be able to set up a solid skill plan during the first steps of their new life as a capsuleer.

With this change we want to ensure the best of both worlds. We don’t want the need to travel to gather skills posing a barrier to training and we want to ensure that pilots spend less time obtaining skills to train and more time out there enjoying their time in New Eden.

This change will give us the best of both worlds, retaining the old functionality of allowing the injection of skills that can be purchased as physical items on the market, while allowing us to improve the user experience and reduce confusion when training core skills.

It also allows us to preserve the rarity of some skills that are obtainable only though in game content, such as Precursor skills, for example, which will be unchanged.

So, what’s changing?

The largest part of this change is the fact that all core skills will now be purchasable directly from the character sheet for ISK. Rare skills that are not seeded on the market and are only available through the completion of in game content will not be available, but the skill sheet will provide a market link for them.

This new system will make sure that the old core mechanics of seeding and injection remain in place – if you don’t want to use skills on demand, then you can continue to pick up skills just the same as you have done for the last sixteen years!

Skills that are sold via the character sheet will also have a percentage mark-up in ISK that makes the skill more profitable when trading.

More changes for convenience!

With skills on demand, hovering over a skill on the character sheet will give you the option to buy the individual skill, or buy and train it, which will place it directly in your skill queue after purchase.


If a skill you’re looking to buy has untrained prerequisite skills, then you’ll be presented with the option to simply buy the skill, or to buy and train the skill plus all its required prerequisite skills too.


All skills that are purchased via the character sheet will be automatically unlocked. There’ll be no delivery of a skill as an item, they’ll just be injected directly into your character sheet to simplify the training process.

In addition to these changes, using “Show Info” on an item that has skill requirements will now allow you to purchase skills directly to your character sheet in this way straight from the requirements tab.

Changes to skill pricing

As part of the rollout of these changes, we’ll also be looking at the base price of all skills.

This has never been done before, even though hundreds of new skills have been added to EVE over the course of the last sixteen years.

We’ll be taking a pass on the prices of skills to make sure that their cost is consistent, fair and sensible for today’s market.

We want your feedback!

These are substantial changes and we’d love to hear your feedback on how they’re going to affect you all.

Giving the community early access to changes like this is super important so that we can work with you all to make sure that tweaks like this make sense.

We’ll be deploying these changes to the skill training system to the Singularity test server in the next day or so and we’d love as many of you guys as possible to log in and try them out.

When you do so, be sure to leave your feedback in the comments thread for this blog.

See you in space!