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Greetings glorious capsuleers, and welcome to the first security update of 2019!

Usually, these security updates come quarterly, but we decided to put together this one off New Year update to shed light on action that has been taken place over the last few days.

Recent Actions

This report comes off the back of a large account ban wave that occurred in the last few days in relation to client modification. We’re happy to report that the team has identified and permanently banned 637 accounts that were positively identified as using modified clients, also known as client hacking, which is a breach of the EVE Online EULA.

In addition to this, the war against Faction Warfare botters, market botters and courier mission botters continues. After repeated hammering, we’ve seen a substantial decrease in the number of courier mission botters, however as always, we are prepared for the fact that after a while, this activity will increase again, and we’ll have to bring the hammer down.

Overview of Action:

Here’s a few statistics since the turn of the New Year that chart progress so far in the last 18 days:

  • 462 account bans for account hacking.
  • 1951 account bans for botting related activities.
  • 581 account bans for RMT related activities.

Out of Game Action:

As with any profitable business, distribution and marketing play a big part in raising awareness of RMT. Team Security has been working closely with our Business Development and Legal teams to stamp out as much advertising and sales of illicit ISK and items as possible over the course of the last month or so.

A recent focus has been working together with ebay to remove illicit sales from their platform. This is always an ongoing process, but so far, we’ve managed to clean up slightly more than 500 instances of ISK, asset and character sales.

We’ve also been working to continue taking down illicit VK and facebook groups too and are still working on sanitising both platforms as best as possible with their support.

Future Work:

Given the ease of access to alpha characters that are competent for use in botting activities, the EVE Development Team is currently exploring the possibility of putting a few features behind a requirement to have an Omega character.

Right now, these explorations are in the early stages and aren’t nailed down, but may include things such as high level (level 4 and 5) courier missions, and other similar activities in New Eden.

We’d love to hear your feedback on this, so be sure to give your opinions and suggestions in the feedback thread for this blog! We want to ensure that the community helps to shape measures that will protect New Eden going forward.

What can you do to help?

We’ll keep hammering this point home, as it can’t be overstated enough - Don’t RMT, and don’t get involved in botting.

If you’re an alliance leader, don’t harbour these people – it won’t serve you well in the end. Eventually we’ll come for the dirty ISK.

By RMTing, or by harbouring people who bot and RMT, you’re contributing to the real-life wallets of people who do not care about EVE, or our community. These are people who hack and destroy the accounts of innocent players, in some instances causing irreparable damage to characters and shattering years of progress for legitimate players who play by the rules and just want to enjoy EVE.

Most importantly, if you see botting and RMT happening – REPORT IT.

Even if you think something may be a minor offense, report it. As we’ve explained before, nailing a single botter, ISK buyer or ISK seller can lead to a chain reaction that unveils an entire RMT operation that’s sinking substantial amounts of ill-gotten gains into the economy.

While we don’t respond to every individual report of botting or RMT, they’re all taken 100% seriously, and are thoroughly investigated for credibility.

Aside from reporting botters and real money trading, the biggest help you can provide is not to give these scumbags any business.

Enable Two Factor Authentication!

We know how much effort goes into growing and maintaining characters, as well as gathering all the assets that pilots end up with after a long an illustrious career as a capsuleer.

Protect it all. Enable two factor authentication on all your EVE accounts, and on the email accounts that are verified against them.

Most hacking cases that we deal with don’t originate from a simple password breach on an EVE Online account – they occur when a player’s email account is hacked, and a password reset request is sent to the email address, which then gives access to your characters and assets.

You can help keep your accounts secure by using 2FA on both your email and your EVE Online account and reduce the risk of becoming a victim of account hacking.

In Closing:

Keep the reports coming thick and fast. RMT and botting are two things that have no place in New Eden. While we don’t respond to every individual report, we make sure that every notification that comes in is properly and fully investigated to ensure that if any foul play is afoot, it’s taken care of.

Help us to help you, and help us keep New Eden free from the scourge of these scumbags who seek to abuse it and don’t care about the damage they cause.

Oh… and before we go, one last thing!

We’re super happy to announce that there’s now more Police SKINs available in the New Eden Store as of downtime today, and in celebration of nailing more than 600 accounts to the wall that were actively using illegal client modification, they’re available of two of the ships most widely used by these scumbags who like to engage in botting - the Nyx and Vexor.

What’s better than using the same hull to take these guys down if you’re out killing bots? Using the same hull, wrapped in the glorious red and blue flashing colors of the space police!

That's it for now, thanks for reading! Regular security updates will resume in a few weeks with the Q1 Security Update.

We'd love to hear your feedback, so feel free to hit up the comments thread.

Until next time, stay safe out there, and stay on the right side of the space-law, faithful capsuleers!


PoliceSkin 1920x1080

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Since the deployment of the new chat backend with the March 2018 release, we’ve seen a wide range of issues with the new system that have both severely inconvenienced the community and had long term adverse effects on gameplay for many of our pilots.

At this point in time, given that feedback from the community is crystal clear regarding issues that are still being experienced ten months after deployment, we feel that it’s imperative to provide an update on the status of the chat issues to give a little more clarity.

Overhauling the chat system is a very important part of the futureproofing work that’s going into many of the older systems in EVE and over the course of the next three weeks, we’ll be looking at finalizing its stabilization with a view to resolving all the major outstanding issues. Finding a fast, effective and permanent resolution to these issues is now a top priority for the development team.

If our current efforts do not yield positive results by the end of January, we’ll begin the process of investigating the reinstatement of the original chat back end, which despite its future limitations, served New Eden reliably in the past.

While we aim to have the issues resolved as soon as possible one way or another, reinstatement of the original chat back end will take some time given that settings, permissions and content will need to be migrated back to the old system again and several technical changes need to be made to bring it back online.

As soon as we have more information on the progress of our current efforts, we’ll keep you updated via the @EVE_Status twitter handle. Once we reach the end of January you can expect more details from us on a final decision regarding the chat system, as well as in-game compensation for the disruption to gameplay that has occurred due to the issues that have been experienced.

We would like to sincerely apologize for the issues that the community have experienced with reliability of the chat system, and for the completely unacceptable length of time that it is taking to bring stability to chat, which is a fundamental part of gameplay in New Eden. We hope to have the issues resolved as soon as possible.

Global capsuleers,

I am here today to inform you about your vacation dates for 2019 and to announce the locations for the EVE World Tour.

---> You can discuss this in the World Tour forum thread. <---

At Fanfest in April, and EVE Vegas in October, we promised we would take EVE on the road next year.

We talked about how it was time to try new things and use the resources from Fanfest to meet new people, to bring EVE closer to you than ever before and, create unforgettable experiences in several different locations around the globe.

At EVE Vegas we shared a glimpse of some destinations for next year and since October we have been working closely with leading event organizers from the EVE community to bring events to life.

We have joined forces with Streamfleet and their army of streamers to deliver the best viewing experience to those who can't join us in person.

We will bring to you developers, pub crawls, roundtables, keynotes, dank reveals, parties, tournaments, cool in-game items...and much more.

Now, I am pleased to share the list of cities that will host an official World Tour event next year:

Amsterdam - March 23-24.

The good people behind EVEsterdam have laid a solid foundation and made Amsterdam one of the world's party capitals. A keynote presentation will kick off the tour and give insight into what lies ahead for EVE, players and developers will speak, battle in spaceships and of course explore the Amsterdam nightlife.

St. Petersburg May 4

We look forward to connecting with one of EVE's largest and most passionate communities in Russia. We hope to gather players from around the region for a day of merriment, spaceship action, amazing developer-led sessions and exclusive content.

Sydney - May 23-26

EVE Down Under has harnessed the unique Aussie community spirit for years and we are excited to partner with them for a weekend of presenations, developer sessions, spaceship brawls and upside down partying. We are confident this event will have no downtime.

Toronto - June 21-23

The first official EVE event in Canada´s proud history will take place in beautiful downtown Toronto in partnership with EVE North, the stalwart organizers of countless, regular local meets. We look forward to showing Canadians, and travelers from the eastern seaboard, everything that a proper official EVE Online event has to offer.

From one great city to another...

Kemiönsaari, Finland - Fanfest HOME - August 23

This event differs slightly from the rest. As a result of the Fanfest HOME video competition, we will host a personal, home-sized version of the legendary Fanfest in a player’s living room. Of course we'll invite everyone else to watch what happens because it wouldn't be a Fanfest without a live stream.

Berlin - September 13-14

The G-Fleet crew always puts their heart and soul into making their events extra special and with CCP's full backing we're certain this one will be wunderbar. A perfect mix of community passion and official content in the heart of a great city.

EVE Vegas - October 25-27

The legendary EVE Vegas needs no introduction and will of course be part of the EVE World Tour in 2019, bigger and crazier than ever.

London - November 23

If we know the UK community, they will no doubt flock to London for this epic finale, closely co-produced with the EVE London organizers. We'll look back at 2019, look at what's ahead, blow up some spaceships and conclude the World Tour with a massive London party!

These are all the details we have for now and we hope this gave you enough insight to plan your year accordingly. On January 15 we will announce ticket sales and more details about each event will start to emerge around the same time.

Before we end this, we'd like to give a shout out to all the community event organizers who will be running their regular events throughout the year and we urge you to keep an eye on those as well. There's one new very special event organized by the queen of event volunteers, Greygal, that we'd like to award honorary World Tour status. Cruisers of EVE, a first time, 7 day luxury cruise for hard working capsuleers, between Seattle and Alaska.

Have a wonderful holidays and we'll see you in 2019!

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Greetings once again, glorious capsuleers and welcome to the last security update for 2018 as we give more information on the ongoing fight against dirty botters, RMTers and other nefarious fellows who are attempting to infiltrate the EVE Universe.

This quarter’s report comes at a time when discussion regarding botting among members of the community is at an all-time high. It’s also a time when we’re receiving an elevated number of reports against those believed to be using various methods of client automation.

As always, we’re acutely aware that the fight against these kinds of activities remains a key issue for our players. It remains a priority issue for us too, and we’re looking at more and more ways to slap these guys around and boot them out of New Eden.

Here’s a quick update on the raw numbers since October 1st that charts the action we’ve taken against accounts associated with activities that are in breach of the EULA and ToS.

  • 2316 account bans for account hacking.
  • 4009 account bans for botting related activities.
  • 2595 account bans for RMT related activities.

The fight continues, and with a renewed focus on stamping this kind of activity out, we’ll be moving into 2019 with a more savage approach to getting pilots who RMT, bot or otherwise abuse the game and its economy out of New Eden.

FW Bots

This quarter we’ve had a bit more focus on faction warfare bots, as the clear majority of these are linked to already known RMT groups who are habitual re-offenders in New Eden. Several of these groups were last cleaned up in September but re-emerge from time to time in an attempt to make more cash.

The biggest weapon against these types of group is to remove the demand - Don’t buy dirty ISK from third party sites, and you won’t end up being caught up in the ensuing ban wave.

Market Botting

We’ve also started looking at market bots in more detail too and going forward we’ll have a zero-tolerance approach to these. We’ll also be changing our policies on how we deal with these types of bots. Starting 2019 we’ll be deleting market bot characters as part of the clean-up procedure.

Anomaly Botting

One of the largest sets of reports that we get is on 0.0 botting – typically groups of Gilas, Vexor Navy Issues, etcetera. It’s often tough to tackle these types of reports, but we’ll be putting more focus on these guys in 2019 with more robust banhammering, and additional changes to how anomalies work, similar to what was shipped this week with the December Release.

Courier Mission Bots

We’re also actively looking at ways in which we can target these groups faster and more efficiently. We’ve smashed a few rings of courier mission bots recently and want to make sure we can continue to stamp these guys out.

What Can You Do To Help?

Don’t use client automation, and don’t RMT. Don’t tolerate botting or real money trading in your corp, alliance or coalition. Most importantly, if you see it happening – REPORT IT.

Even if you think something may be a minor offense, report it. As we’ve explained before, nailing a single botter, ISK buyer or ISK seller can lead to a chain reaction that unveils an entire RMT operation that’s sinking substantial amounts of ill-gotten gains into the economy.

While we don’t respond to every individual report of botting or real money trading, they’re all taken 100% seriously, and are thoroughly investigated for credibility.

Multiple reports from different sources also remain incredibly valuable and allow us to cross reference behavior and nail these guys faster.

The main thing we want to emphasize though is that without a demand for RMT – without pilots in EVE buying dirty ISK from these guys, these guys can’t operate.

Aside from reporting botters and real money trading, the biggest help you can provide is not to buy from these scumbags.

Enable Two Factor Authentication!

Here at CCP, we know how much effort goes into growing and maintaining characters, as well as gathering all the assets that pilots end up with after a long an illustrious career as a capsuleer.

Protect it all. Enable two factor authentication on all your EVE accounts, and on the email accounts that are verified against them.

You can help keep your accounts secure by using 2FA, and reduce the risk of becoming one of the 2316 mentioned earlier in this blog by protecting access to them

In Closing

Every report makes a difference and every one of them is taken seriously.

Due to the sheer number of reports that we receive, sometimes it takes a while for us to get through them all, but they’re all investigated thoroughly to make sure we can act on any behavior that breaks the rules.

The unfortunate nature of botting and RMT is that it’s much like fighting a hydra – when you chop off one head another appears to take its place because these guys have the incentive of making real world cash from behavior that’s actively harming New Eden.

Keep the reports coming thick and fast and together we can keep up the fight against behavior that has no place in the universe we all love.

If you'd like to give feedback on this blog or discuss it, feel free to head on over to the comments thread on the EVE Online Forums!

Hello bellicose capsuleers, and welcome to another dev blog from your EVE Online dev team! Today’s blog will discuss some important changes to the formal war declaration system coming later this month.

The war dec system has been a staple of EVE since the earliest days, but it hasn’t been doing a good enough job of facilitating exciting player conflict and we are confident that it can be improved significantly. The EVE dev team has embarked on a project to improve the war dec system that will span across multiple releases in the coming months, and the first of these releases will be arriving on December 11th.

We have been discussing changes to the war declaration system with the CSM for a while now, and we brought these planned changes to the whole EVE community for discussion and feedback at EVE Vegas in October. We want to thank all the players who have provided feedback so far and helped refine this design.

The key goal of this first round of changes is to give player groups more control over their exposure to formal war declarations. We believe that the best EVE experiences involve players making informed choices with benefits and consequences. As much as possible we want to avoid having the game’s systems push players into situations where avoiding social interaction in NPC corps or logging off for a week are optimal choices.

At the moment far too many wars are lacking actual combat for either side, and we hope to start refocusing the war system with an aim to generate the types of wars that provide real value to players.

In future iterations beyond December, we intend to continue to improve the war declaration system with the long-term goal of encouraging wars that have real risks and rewards and are engaging for all sides.

Introducing War Eligibility

In this first set of changes coming next week, we are introducing the concept of “war eligibility” for corporations and alliances. If a corporation or alliance is war eligible it will be able to declare wars, have wars declared against it, and join existing wars as an ally of the defender. If a corporation or alliance is not war eligible, it will not be able to declare wars or have a war declared against it.

This iteration of war eligibility is tied directly to structure ownership. If a corporation or alliance owns at least one structure in space anywhere in EVE, then it will be war eligible. The location of the structure does not matter for war eligibility at this time.

Structures that count for war eligibility are:

  • All Upwell Structures (including Upwell FLEX structures)
  • Starbase Control Towers
  • Player-owned Customs Offices
  • Sovereignty Structures (Infrastructure Hubs and Territorial Control Units)

If at least one corporation within an alliance owns a structure in space, their war eligibility extends to the whole alliance.

War eligibility status of corporations and alliances can be viewed in their show-info windows, and changes in war eligibility will trigger notifications to inform members.


When a player deploys the first structure for their corporation or alliance, they will be informed about the impact this structure would have on their corporation’s war eligibility.


As mentioned above, organizations must be war eligible in order to declare wars, have wars declared against them, or join an existing war as an ally. If either the attacker or defender of an existing war loses their war eligibility due to their final structure being destroyed or scooped, the war will end 24 hours later. If one side of a war loses their last structure during the 24-hour warmup period before a new war allows legal combat, the war will end 24 hours after the end of the warmup period (so combat will be legal for 24 hours total).

If a war is declared mutual, it will continue even if one or both sides lose their structures in space as long as it remains mutual.

On patch day all existing wars will be evaluated automatically to reflect the war eligibility of their participants. If a currently active war involves an ineligible attacker or defender on patch day it will enter the normal 24-hour shutdown phase and end on December 12th.

Control over Structure Transfers

One additional related change is also coming in the December release, allowing corporations to toggle whether they wish to accept structure transfers or not. This option is a generally useful tool for corporations and is especially important alongside the war declaration changes as it prevents the tactic of transferring a structure to a corporation to make them war eligible against their wishes.

This option will be available in the corporation details page and can be changed freely by the CEO and directors with immediate effect.


When this option is set to reject structure transfers, any attempts to transfer an Upwell structure or customs office to the corporation will be declined automatically. Transfers of sovereignty structures within the corporations of an alliance are not affected by this setting.

This setting will default to the “reject structure transfers” state for all corporations on patch day.

Thank you for taking the time to join us for today’s dev blog, and we hope to hear what you think about these upcoming changes! The changes described in this blog will be arriving in EVE Online’s December release on December 11th and we will be keeping a close eye on how the use of the war dec system changes over the next months. As mentioned earlier this is just the beginning of our project to rejuvenate the war declaration system and we will be bringing more concepts to the community for discussion and feedback in the near future.

Wishing you and yours good fights in-game and a peaceful holiday season out of game!

Please Note: Images below can be clicked to enlarge!

If you'd like to discuss this devblog, feel free to add your comments in this thread on the official forums!

Did you ever want to know how many NPCs you have destroyed?

Did you ever want to know how many Capsuleers you have obliterated? How about Citadels destroyed?

Maybe you are interested in Exploration? Resource Harvesting? Industry?

With this Winter's expansion, we are happy to announce that you will get access to your own personal activity tracking.

Whatever you play style, we are confident that within the Activity Tracker you will find meaningful visualization of you progress within New Eden's universe. The Activity Tracker is a place where you can set your own goals. It is also the best place to examine possibilities for a potential career change!

You can access the Activity Tracker from your Neocom menu, by clicking on the relevant icon:


AT 02

Categories & The Tree View

What we have tried to do, is map the context of the game into different categories and store data for each one of those categories. The visual representation takes the form of a tree, where your character holds the root. The tree is broken down into five main categories:

  1. Industry
  2. Exploration
  3. Resource Harvesting
  4. Encounters
  5. Combat

Let's see the breakdown of each category, what we store in the database and how you visualize the data. In the below images, each box is a node in the Activity Tracker tree. The gray boxes are where the counters are stored (visually) and thus represent the end of the tree.


This is the single largest branch of the entire tree. Industry is broken down into the following paths:

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Research
  3. Reactions
  4. Copying
  5. Invention

This is how each section is further broken down:

NOTICE: Manufacturing holds a special place in our hearts and we show it on a separate image below.

AT 03

AT 04


Exploration is broken down into three categories:

  1. Signatures & Anomalies
  2. Navigation
  3. Project Discovery

Here is the full tree for Exploration:

AT 05

Resource Harvesting:

Resource Harvesting has three categories:

  1. Mining
  2. Planetary Production
  3. Salvaging

NOTE: Planetary Production values in the Activity Tracker will update upon carrying out a new action on the planet

Here is the full tree:

AT 06


Encounters represent the biggest part of PvE content accomplishments within EVE. Here are the categories:

  1. Missions
  2. Incursions
  3. Pirate Strongholds
  4. Abyssal Deadspace
  5. Faction Warfare

and here is the full tree:

AT 07

_ Combat:_

Within the Combat branch you can find:

  1. the number of NPC ships you have destroyed,
  2. the total bounties you have been awarded for killing NPCs
  3. The number of player owned ships and structures you have destroyed and
  4. statistics on how you have been using modules in PvP

Combat is split into two categories:

  1. Capsuleer
  2. Non-Capsuleer

Here is the entire tree:

AT 08

Points, Weights & Node Leveling System

By now you have a clear understanding of the tree. Let us lay down some terminology regarding the nodes of the Activity Tracker tree:

The nodes of the Activity Tracker can be distinguished into the following:

  1. Leaf-Nodes: Nodes that don't have children. They are the ones that hold the actual counters (i.e. the number of Tech I Small Ships you have manufactured). In the above images, all gray nodes are Leaf-Nodes.

  2. End-Nodes: Nodes that have Leaf-Nodes as children. In the images above, all nodes that have gray boxes hanging directly below them, are considered End-Nodes.

  3. Inner-Nodes: Nodes that don't have Leaf-Nodes as children. In the images above all nodes that have a non-gray box hanging below them, are considered Inner-Nodes.

    • Every node has an associated 'weight' value.
    • Every node apart from the Leaf-Nodes has 5 Levels.
    • Each level requires a certain amount of points.
    • Leaf-Nodes don't have points, they have counters (the absolute value of what you have been doing).
    • Points for End-Nodes are calculated by the SumProduct of the counters and the leaf-nodes weights.

For example, the amount of points for the Distribution Missions would be:

(Number of Level 1 Distribution Missions COMPLETED) x (Level 1 Distribution Missions WEIGHT) + (Number of Level 2 Distribution Missions COMPLETED) x (Level 2 Distribution Missions WEIGHT) + (Number of Level 3 Distribution Missions COMPLETED) x (Level 3 Distribution Missions WEIGHT) + (Number of Level 4 Distribution Missions COMPLETED) x (Level 4 Distribution Missions WEIGHT)

  • Points for Inner-Nodes are calculated with the same principle, though this time instead of having the counters, we multiply the points of the parent nodes, since the parent nodes are either End-Nodes or other Inner-Nodes.

For example, the amount of points for the Missions node would be:

(Distribution Node POINTS) x (Distribution Node WEIGHT) + (Mining Node POINTS) x (Mining Node WEIGHT) + (Security Node POINTS) x (Security Node WEIGHT) + (Storyline Node POINTS) x (Storyline Node WEIGHT) + (Epic Arcs Node POINTS) x (Epic Arc Missions Node WEIGHT)

  • This paradigm continues down to the 5 main Categories (Industry, Exploration, Resource Harvesting, Encounters, Combat) and down to the root node, your Character.

Currently there are no plans for rewards or ‘unlocks’ from achieving levels within the activity tracker, but it is something we are considering for the future.

Info Panel:

The Info Panel shows useful information about the currently selected node. Note that the leaf-nodes are not selectable.

This is the information you should expect to find in the info panel:

AT 09

Closing Notes

Unfortunately there is no retroactive counting of your activities. We devised several new events for the purposes of the Activity Tracker and to be fair to everyone, we opted to get the counters online, the same day you will receive the client update. That is with this winter's expansion!

We are very excited to finally bring this to you and we hope you will find it useful!

Until next time!


If you'd like to discuss this dev blog, feel free to do so in the comments thread on the official forums!

Hello deadspace delving capsuleers!

EVE Online: Onslaught is just a week away and we want to tell you about all the new Abyssal Deadspace content you can expect and how to get your hands on it.

Screenshot 2560x1440

New Triglavian Ships

We have four new ships coming this winter. The Drekavac Battlecruiser and Kikimora Destroyer will be available on November 13th when Onslaught lands, and the Rodiva Cruiser and Zarmazd Logistics Cruiser will come one month later in the December update. Blueprints for the new ships will drop in Abyssal Deadspace from all difficulty tiers and pocket types. Maybe you will find the first one!

The Drekavac and Kikimora are both extremely powerful, here’s a look at their bonuses and slot layouts:


Bonuses: Precursor Destroyer bonus (per level): - 25% light disintegrator damage - 20% light disintegrator optimal range

Role: - 100% remote rep range - 50% reduced remote rep cap need - 50% reduced smart bomb cap need - 50% reduced neutralizer cap need - 50% light disintegrator optimal range

Slot layout: - 2 high / 3 mid / 4 low


Bonuses: - Precursor Battlecruiser bonus (per level): - 10% heavy disintegrator damage - 4% armor resistances

Role: - Can use command burst module - 25% increased heavy disintegrator range - 100% remote rep range - 50% reduced remote rep cap need - 50% reduced smart bomb cap need - 50% reduced neutralizer cap need

Slot layout: - 4 high / 4 mid / 7 low

For a full list of stats check patch notes later this week, log on to Singularity test server, or search in game next week.


Abyssal Deadspace Co-op

The most exciting addition to Abyssal Deadspace this winter is that you will now be able to enter in fleets of up to three frigates. These fleets will be intense and demanding, but extremely rewarding.

Entering Abyssal Deadspace in a group is simple; just activate three filaments of the same type from your cargo to create an Abyssal Entry Trace. Once the Trace is active, any member of your fleet in any frigate may activate it to enter your Abyssal pocket. The timer starts when the first player enters so coordination is important! However, if no one enters the Trace for 30 minutes it will collapse.

We are grateful for the testing that many of you have been doing on Singularity for co-op runs and we are very happy to hear that fleet runs are so exciting. With triple the rewards and all the other benefits of flying with friends, we hope everyone on Tranquility finds a reason to take a fleet into the Abyss.

Abyssal Deadspace PVP

During solo Abyssal Deadspace runs after Onslaught, keep your eyes out for ‘Triglavian Proving Conduits’. These mysterious connections lead to a ‘Triglavian Cladistic Cache’ which is locked by a ring of Triglavian Towers. Keeping your ship near the cache will disrupt the structures and eventually destroy the cache, allowing you to collect the contents, but, there’s a catch. These new pockets connect to multiple traces simultaneously and other players may enter and fight for the loot in a high stakes duel to the death where two enter but only one can leave.


This feature is our first dip in the water when it comes to Abyssal PVP. It will only be available to solo Cruisers to begin with, and only for those doing tier 3, 4 and 5 pockets. Players will not be matched or rewarded based on the difficulty tier or pocket type they came from. Instead, the Cladistic Cache will always have tier 5 rewards, with special favor given to the new weapon upgrade mutaplasmids.

New Mutaplasmids

We announced at EVE Vegas that Onslaught would contain several types of new mutaplasmids with a focus on weaponry. We are going forward with Decayed, Gravid, and Unstable mutaplasmids for the following groups:

  • Magnetic Field Stabilizers
  • Heat Sinks
  • Gyrostabilizers
  • Entropic Radiation Sinks
  • Ballistic Control Systems

We are holding off a little longer on Drone Damage Amplifier and Entropic Disintegrator mutaplasmids while we further investigate the implications of adding these mutaplasmids. We will update you as plans solidify.

The new mutaplasmids can be found in any type of abyssal pocket and of course the deeper you go the higher quality you can expect to find. Cladistic Caches in the new PVP pockets will have the highest chance by far, but you must decide if it’s worth the risk.


Triglavian Extractors

We are also making an addition to Abyssal Deadspace with big economic implications: Triglavian Extractors.

These are harvesting platforms that will appear all over Abyssal Deadspace during runs through any type of pocket. If you can spare the time, destroy and loot them to find Crystalline Isogen-10, Zero-point Condensate, and Triglavian Survey Data. We hope that these new structures will add an exciting new objective for fast Abyssal Deadspace pilots, while increasing the material supply enough to bring Triglavian ship prices down so more of you can use them.

Balance Updates

With all these changes for Abyssal Deadspace on the way, we wanted to make sure and remind you that we also have a hefty set of balance changes coming in Onslaught.

Force Auxiliaries will finally see significant changes after several rounds of feedback to refine our proposal, which you can read about in this forum post. The most important point is that Capital Ancillary Shield Boosters will now be restricted to one per ship, so adjust fits before release if possible!

We are also following up on our ECM mechanic rework by increase range and strength for all ECM modules, as well as updating fitting and signature radius stats for several ECM bonused ships. You can find all the specifics in this thread.

That's it for now! We’ll see you in the Abyss in EVE Online: Onslaught, whether it’s in fleet or down the barrel of an autocannon.

Good luck!